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Astronomical Phenomenon & Socrates

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Socrates Monitory Globe

QUESTION: Hi Martin,
Thank you so much for sharing the connections Socrates is making between seemingly unrelated ideas. I’m a high school/collegiate science teacher and am wondering if Socrates has identified any correlations between coming astronomical phenomenon (like lunar phases or planetary alignment) to war or the economy. The information you’ve provided on the Sun has been amazing!
BTW, my students and I use the information you blog about as the foundation for the conversations in our Socratic seminars.
Thanks for all you do!

ANSWER: I have never input the planetary information into Socrates. The Moon is capable of picking up the ocean and moving it creating a high and low tide. I would think it can have some influence on people but probably highly differential because we are all perhaps sensitive to various things on an unequal basis. The terms “lunatic” and stories of werewolves are all about people who were sensitive to the moon.

The attempt to correlate the heavens and events on earth as omens of the future date back to the Babylonians. I have been asked this question many times because some of our dates may align with some astronomical phenomena. I would look at it as a separate model. Our Arrays have some 72 different models. They are not a single cycle. There are many. Even take volatility. How do you define it? We have overnight volatility from today’s close to tomorrow’s open. Then there is internal volatility which is the percentage movement between high and low for the day. Then there can be closing volatility measured from yesterday’s close to today and likewise between openings. There are many aspects that the computer is looking at and then it correlates between markets, countries, etc. There are far too many calculations for any individual to do every day.

After my experience with cycles, they go through inversion processes where the same targets remain fixed, but instead of a low, it becomes a high. I would suspect that attempts to use astronomical phenomena will result in the same outcome. The same event will not always produce a high or low. This simply takes place because every market is influenced by everything else around it. It really takes a supercomputer to work out the countless possibilities.

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That is why I say my opinion is just personal. Anytime I have thought something would happen which Socrates has disagreed with, I am the one who is wrong. So I have learned. My job is to provide some clarity, but it is not to forecast the future from a personal opinion perspective. Forecasting Civil Unrest was not something that came to me in the middle of the night. It is not even something I personally would have preferred to see.

And BTW, I have been a programmer all my life. I do not see how it is possible for a program to EVER become aware of itself and then dominate humanity. I can mimic human emotion, but I cannot create it for real. And to set the record straight, I have been the ONLY coder on the AI systems behind Socrates. This has been my life’s work. We have a whole team of programmers who manage the delivery systems. But as for the AI, in all honesty, I had the skill to program, I also had the skill to trade, but I also had the clients to show me with a front-row seat how they all look at the world economy from their own perspective. That is why there is no competition for Socrates. It has taken over 50 years to create what you see.

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It is also why nobody wants to address Socrates because it changes the entire forecasting game where people advise they are the guy who forecasts some event so see what he is saying next. Personal forecasting is not consistent.