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What Now?

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Curiousity Question

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong,
Given the current situation, and your forecast of what’s to come, what do we, the people, do now to protect ourselves on all sides? It’s obvious that our votes mean nothing and even if they did we are only voting for an establishment, not an individual who has our best interests in mind. I realize some citizens may now leave the country, but really, is there any safe place to go anymore? And many are financially unable to take those steps or don’t want to leave their family behind. How can we, in essence, build a wall of protection around ourselves and others who refuse to bow to these people and their evil agenda?
Thank you for all you do.

ANSWER: This is the downside of all republics. We indeed only vote for an establishment and not for a person who would actually represent the people. They are given their orders and must vote the party line, even if they personally disagree. This is the historical dilemma and why I am in favor of trying a democracy for once in the post-2032 era.

All the scenarios of gold etc., as the hedge against inflation will fail. We are in a world where you cannot transfer all your assets into gold and hop on a plane — they will confiscate everything you have. We will be running Socrates on overtime. It appears we have higher volatility coming from a February turning point. But in all honesty, we will probably have to restrict those suggestions to the private blog because we have blocked Google from searching that forum — the Basic Level of service that includes private blog access is only $15 a month. We will have to let Socrates do the forecasting, for there can be no bias nor allegations of a computer being a domestic terrorist. Everything that 9/11 did to target foreign terrorists will now be turned inward against Americans if you are using the words “freedom,” “rights,” or “liberty.”