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Model Predicts Things Humanly Impossible

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6th 8th

QUESTION: OK. I have followed you and Socrates for a long time now. How could it see that the 8th was going to be more important than the 6th and that the vote was going to be postponed?

I am blown away.


ANSWER: I am here only to try to interpret its output without my personal opinion. I have stated many times, I am the one who is wrong not the computer. I really do not know. It is monitoring everything on a global basis. The most subtle moves are recorded and input into its final conclusion.

I use to race cars. When you are driving around the track, you have to watch every car around you. The subtle move indicates what they are thinking. If you have not been in such an atmosphere, it is hard to see. Even when I drive today I still observe every car around me and the slightest move is still an indication of what they are thinking.

FT 1998 Ruble of the Ruble 1024x968

June 27, 1998

98 ECM High July 20 1024x493

All I can say is this is what Socrates has developed. By monitoring everything, it is picking up the most subtle moves. It had picked up $100 billion going into Russia in the summer of 1998 and $150 billion fleeing. We put out a warning that Russia would collapse and that began in September 1998. It had also lined up with the Economic Confidence Model.

1998 LTCM Crash


1998 LTCM Contagion 1024x528

Socrates was picking it up in global markets. They ended up calling me Mr. Yen because I sold $1 billion at 147 which was the Yearly Bullish Reversal which the market ran up, tested, and then collapsed to 103.


I was named Fund Manager of the year in 1998 because of that trade. We made 60% in a single month. I was named Economist of the Decade for the 1980s because of the ECM and Socrates, and most recently FX Analyst of the year over the collapse of the Swiss/Euro Peg.

These things are NOT because I am smarter than everyone else. It is because Socrates is monitoring the entire world. So when it was showing that the 8th would be more important than the 6th, I personally thought it would be over the objections. I did not expect the siege of the Capitol Building, but with hindsight, it appears that was in the works and it was the final nail in the coffin to end Democracy as we have known it. Any election from here on out will simply be rigged. Biden will last perhaps into 2022, and Harris will then take over and she will still be able to run twice into 2032.

World War III

The Model still shows World War is coming 2025-2027 time period. All this chaos and demand to force China and Russia to comply with this Green Agenda is only pushing both of them together against the West.