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There are TWO MAJOR types of People who Want to be President

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COMMENT: For months now you have been saying that these elections will be the most corrupt ever (‘Our Model still shows a Trump Victory if it is a legitimate election’). Trump is repeating this message as well and obviously his voters have been indoctrinated as well. So far, no evidence whatsoever, just heating up emotions. Votes by post vulnerable to fraude? Could be, but so far in history no evidence whatsoever. Statistically totally in-significant. Are the Democrats saints? Sure not. But is Trump and/or the Republicans any better. Definitely not. How sad I never hear you talk about gerry-mandering, closing voting offices, requiring absurd conditons to let people just vote (e.g. let voters travel miles and miles to vote, require a driving licence to vote, etc. etc.). The number of dirty tricks the Republicans have invented to frustrate the process, to queston of beforehand the legality of the process, how sad you never mention these. You claim you are neutral, but I only hear you constantly blaming the Democrats. You seem to support Trump because he is an outsider, a business man. Hahaha, Trump divides, not unifies, and gives a damn about the country and its inhabitants. He truly believes the state should serve him, not vice versa (immunity!). He is not even a business man, let alone a succesful one. Loaded with debts, leveraged up until his ears. Without daddy’s money and the tricks of his friends he would have been a frustrated, middle of the road man. Again, is Biden a saint? Certainly not. But your blogs are incredibly biased.



REPLY: All of the things you have mentioned are indicative of the corruption in this election, with the exception of gerrymandering which has been an old trick going on for decades by both sides depending on who is in power. In some states it is pro-Democrats and in others it is pro-Republican. When John Boehner (Republican) was Speak of the House, I wrote that he was the “most-evil-dictator-of-congress-in-history.” Pelosi has followed that path. The corruption is massive and it is being carried out by deliberately crashing the economy, the American oligarchs like Gates & Soros, riots that are being encouraged, and the corruption in mainstream media deliberating suppressing the Biden corruption (which would be a crime of obstruction of justice by anyone else). The National Post just ran a story:

Suppressing the Biden stories is a journalistic crime of historic proportions

Boehner Obama

I have had a front-row seat for decades. Some say that is why they have tried to do at least a political assassination of me when their attempt to kill me failed. I have told the dark secrets behind the Cheney usurpation of our government using Bush Jr. as a place-holder, and now they are doing again with Biden. It was the Republican Rumsfeld who hid the missing trillions from the Defense budget. I can tell you from inside sources that when the Tea Party had about 80 people who were first elected, John Boehner held the traditional orientation meeting for newly elected people. He told them they were to vote according to the Republic Party position. They rebelled and Boehner could not deliver the Republican vote.

This is how “Party Politics” really works. You can vote for someone who says what they stand for and when they get to Washington, they are not allowed to do anything they promised if it contradicts their party. Perhaps you should go back on the site and see what I wrote about the Republicans when they had control of the House. I am against party politics for it is hypocritical and denies you the right to vote based on issues.

McCain Hillary

I have shown how McCain was in bed with Hillary and he handed the Steele Dossier to Comey to give it Republican cover when it was funded by Hillary. It was Senator Chuck Schumer who introduced on 07/19/2018 the resolution to deny Putin to question any Americans including Bill Browder in exchange to allow Mueller to question Russians. John McCain, the sponsor of the Magnitsky Act, led the charge among Republicans to support Schumer’s resolution to deny any investigation into the Magnitsky affair. One of my lawyers was even in the infamous Trump Tower Meeting where they sought to inform Trump of the truth behind the Magnitsky Act or which that Documentary film was also banned. I have come out against Lindsey Graham when he said terrorists should be denied lawyers — that is against international law.

You fail to understand the issue. Even the Republicans were against Trump NOT because he was a businessman, but because he was an outsider. They said the same thing about Ronald Reagan, but it was more behind the curtain back then than today. There is no hope of eliminating this level of corruption until we eliminate career politicians and party politics for that matter.

There are TWO MAJOR types of People who Want to be President

Gibbon 5

Indeed, there are TWO MAJOR types of people who want to be president — (1) for money, and (2) for esteem. Hillary and Biden as well as McCain are just three examples of type #1. Obama, who was not worth much when he entered politics, left the White House and bought a house for almost $12 million on the water, despite saying that climate change would result in the oceans rising. Trump is #2 for he wanted to be president to show he has done something on his own, for there will always be that image of “daddy’s money” hanging over his head which will diminish his stature in life. It is that insecurity that is why he ran for president. I have studied all types of governments and our Founding Fathers were influence by the Fake News of Cicero and that was filtered into Edward Gibbon’s “Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” published in 1776. In fact, Ben Franklin knew Gibbon and even reviewed his work before it was published.

Hill 4

All Republics collapse into oligarchies as ours is doing right now. They control both sides of the aisle and they will do whatever they need to do to win. I do not write out of theory. I have actually been in meeting on the Hill many times for decades. I have seen how government works from the inside out.



I have investigated all sorts of governments from ancient Rome and Athens to the middle ages and modern times. The European Union was deliberately set up to eliminate the right of the people to vote for the head of state or the European Commission. They gave them a parliament that had no power to overrule the commission. When Greece was in trouble back in 2010 and the head wanted the people to vote on any bailout, the EU threatened to give no money if the Greek people were allowed to vote.

The BEST government I have ever found was that of Genoa. The Doge (president) rotated annually among the rich families. Because a family might not come back to power for decades, they would NEVER pass a law that they themselves would have to comply with if it was unfair. Genoa was run like a corporation competing against Florence and Venice. It was not this nonsense of turning one class against another. EVERYONE benefited.

This is where Trump falls into line. You miss the entire point. Trump will return to a private life so he will NOT impose a law that he himself would find Draconian. Career politicians return to NOTHING. They are taken care of for the rest of their lives and get millions in speaking fees. Obama is in the top-10 highest paid speakers getting $400,000 for a few minutes.


So I am sorry if you cannot see beyond Republican & Democrat. This is the MOST corrupt election in history. The entire mainstream press is out to remove Trump and will not report the truth about the corruption in the Biden family, which is the standard operating procedure if you investigated the Republicans and Democrats and look at how their families reap in benefits.

You are obviously against Trump and you think I only bash the Democrats. The Democrats are following an agenda that is international. Open your eyes. It is NOT just here in the USA, this is global! I believe in direct democracy which oversees the bureaucracy and the terms should revolve annually. Nobody should be there for more than one year. The Athenian Democracy worked that way.



Without political reform, the nation will dive into civil war. It is not just that one side wins even with 50.7% claiming they have a mandate to then oppress the opposition. Economic policy and taxes should not be a yo-yo. It should take a two-thirds vote to change the nation.


If the country became 50.7% shite Muslim and ordered all women to stay home and wear burkas, would that be fair? Or perhaps all A students should be reduced to C students and their excess grades should be redistributed so the F students will also get C grades. Sell that one on college campuses.