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The Death of Representative Government – The Real Conspiracy – Crisis in Democracy

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While people contrive secret groups that seek world domination, the real threat we have is directly in front of us – it is Republican Governments that masquerade as Democracies and are as evil as the Roman Republic that caused the civil war. The propaganda against Julius Caesar has survived to this day and has wrongly colored our ideas of him and what was at stake. Caesar stood against the corrupt politicians and when he crossed the Rubicon, they fled to Asia while the people rejoiced and opened the city gates to him. Everyone expected Caesar to abolish all debts that were being exploited from the people – a situation not so different from today.

Today, governments are no more democracies than it was in Rome. Every single REPUBLIC has devolved into total corruption led by an oligarchy. The people behind the curtain are bureaucrats, not bankers. The bankers may try to manipulate these people, but they have now lost the game to raw political power. The US is going after Credit Swiss and expects to fine them $2 billion for assisting Americans to hide money from taxes. They have destroyed the Swiss banking system and the Swiss bureaucrats drew the line in the sand at 2008 for any Swiss bank liability to the USA. That has led to the collapse of banking values. What was once a valuable asset with the banking license is now available only for strip mining. Other banks are buying assets leaving hollow-shells because nobody can qualify the risk to the USA for prior clients of these banks any more.

What has emerged about the blackmail of Greece to deny the Greek people the right to vote on staying in the Euro and accepting the draconian terms of the EU Commission and the IMF, is surfacing now and it demonstrates how sinister government really is. It is historically always GOVERNMENT against the people – regardless of its form. Within the 6000 year history of society, each and every instance we see no external groups or plots from the private sector that destroys civilization, that always comes from within government.

With our Cycles of War Conference and the Cycles of War Report, the amazing truth about what we face in the years ahead has been shocking. We are at the threshold of a major convergence where both the cycle of civil war/revolution is converging with the cycle of international war and the Economic Confidence Model. This is the FIRST time this has happened since the 1700s. The last convergence we ended up with a civil war against Monarchy. This time, we are facing the demise of Republican government and its fake democracy pretense.

What will surface is one of two things – either we move toward more authoritarian government and the bureaucrats win, or we move toward a real democracy without career politicians for life. We do not accept Presidents for life – we should not accept ANY politician for life at any level.

merkel2-Tears G20

Sarkozy MicolasThe London Financial Times deserves the credit for digging this one up. Angela Merkel grew up in East Germany. If anyone should appreciate the absence of the right to vote and freedom, it should be her. The FT has learned by participants of the summit that the EU leaders had agreed under the guidance of France then controlled by Nicholas Sarkozy to deny the Greek people any right to decide the fate of their own nation by blackmailing the Greek President Papandreou.

Papandreou GeorgiosPapandreou wanted a referendum on the bailout package that one would expect in a real democracy. The EU leaders followed France demanding the end of free elections because the elitist members of the political class always know better than the people. Sarkozy moved the EU leaders into denying the Greek people the right to vote fearing the euro would die if the people could vote. Sarkozy totally humiliated the Greeks in the most underhanded communistic manner unprecedented in a society claiming to be free.

Barroso-Jose 11th EU PresEuropean Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso appears to have also crafted his own intrigue to deny the people any right to be heard in Greece. Barroso conspired with the Greek opposition leader Antonis Samaras (born 1951) at the time to sell out the Greek people. Samaras is now the current Prime Minister of Greece since 2012. Barroso helped to manipulate the Greeks into creating the Samaras government of national unity – a real joke. Barroso staged a coup to get rid of Papademos just as he staged a coup against the Italian leader Prime Minister Berlusconi and replace with EU Commission’s stooge Mario Monti. Why? For the same reason. Berlusconi wanted to take Italy out of the Euro. Anyone who opposes the Eurozone is dead meat politically. Barroso tried to even have Berlusconi imprisoned and bar from politics FOR LIFE. Barroso’s scheme worked in both cases. The EU Commission is a ruthless undemocratic dictatorship that is unaccountable to anyone. We need no private group pulling the strings – these people are quite capable of destroying the world all for power.

Berlusconi Silvio

Barroso’s ice-cold coups against both Greece and Italy all orchestrated from Brussels has been very alarming for if this is not stopped, the very idea that a single government for Europe would prevent war is absurd – it will promote war. In the case of Italy, here enters the IMF Chief Christine Lagarde, another anti-democratic French elitist who wants a communistic world – French style. You retain ownership of property so they can exploit you with taxes.

Lagarde - ObamaLagarde promised to save Italy with 80 billion Euros to prevent the economic crash. However, Berlusconi  had to go. The EU dictatorship known as the Troika, wanted to seize Italy and control that country before it too might break from the Euro under Berlusconi. Lagarde is a very dangerous woman. She is the one dictating to Ukraine they must go to war with Russia to hold the East and the proxy for the West. While  the conspiracy buffs only see the CIA, they cannot explain why then has the West declined to send in troops or admit Ukraine to NATO. The reason – there is no money on the table to grab as was the case in Iraq and Syria was a ploy for the pipeline to displace Russia. If there was a CIA plot that was serious, there would have been an invasion. Lacking money to attract Obama, Ukraine is just about saving people and that is just an excuse – never worthy of invasion.

Monti MarioThey needed someone to control who would not be sentimental to people’s rights. “Voila!” Troika finally came to the former European Commissioner who saw the world their way. That was Mario Monti who had at one time also worked at Goldman Sachs. In 2010, Monti was asked by Barroso to draft a “Report on the Future of the Single Market” proposing further measures towards the completion of the EU’s Single Market – i.e. federalization. The published report adopted by the EU on 13 April 2011, proposed 12 reforms to the Single Market and was intended to “give new momentum” to the European economy. So Monti was on board with Brussels against his own people. It should be noted that even Merkel denied any right to the Germany people to vote on EU matters.

The Obama Administration also had its hands in the mix. Obama wanted to achieve a breakthrough in the euro rescue in Cannes in 2011 and had no problem with Barroso’s coups. President Obama took over the management of the session after the stage was set by Sarkozy. Obama is the one that put Christine Lagarde at the head of the IMF. Obama is very much in line with the French elitists. He is very anti-capitalism and never saw anyone else’s money as anything but his to play with. It should also be noted that Merkel embraced the IMF plan to seize people’s money in banks. Merkel has also agreed to the federalization of Europe with respect to banks.

Obama  and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner presented a plan. They created a US style rescue parachute to be erected using taxpayers’ money in Europe to stabilize the financial system. This is important. For the IMF papers suggesting the USA raise taxes to 80% are all part of Obama’s master plan to end capitalism once and for all. He argued that the Europeans should indefinitely print money to prevent a panic in the financial markets. This was exactly opposite of the philosophy in Germany that inflation is evil ever since the hyperinflation of the 1920s.

Germany would oppose the illegal government financing by the ECB that Obama was putting forward as the new proposal to solve the crisis. The Europeans, he argued. should pawn their Special Drawing Rights (a quasi paper gold that binds the IMF to member countries) for the euro rescue. However, the ECB is not designed as is the Fed. It had no such power to create elastic money for that would have implied a federal government of Europe that was very unpopular among Europeans. The ECB has admitted that the people will have to bail out the banks in crisis in Europe.

According to the FT, Angela Merkel is said to have been outraged at Obama’s arguments. This may be why he had the NSA tapping her phones. Merkel is reported to have told Obama that she could not pledge the German silverware, because ECB chief Jens Weidmann had been vetoed. The FT writes that Merkel was broke down into “tears”. Merkel told Obama: “That’s not fair. I can not decide against the Bundesbank. I can not do that. … I am not going to kill myself. ‘ I am not going to commit suicide. “

Merkel said to have been particularly incensed that the Euro-rescuer apparently wanted to collect the German SDRs without Italy to send to the Troika. Merkel is quoted as saying: “I will not go into such a big risk without getting something from Italy. I will not commit suicide.”


According to FT, it was the Obama Administration and French who realized at this point that they had gone too far. A decision was postponed until the next morning when nothing else happened. This illustrates what we are facing. Career politicians are far more dangerous than the CIA, Illuminati or the Bilderberg Group. These are the people who smile while stabbing you in the back with a dull knife and turning it slowly. I believe they intentionally create fake stories about groups so nobody pays attention to what they are up to.  It is one giant game to them and it is all about maintaining power.

The description offered by the FT is revealing. What took place in Cannes is very close to what our sources have been saying all along and why I reported the coup in Italy and Greece. The EU Commission is not about to back down from the Euro. They will do absolutely anything to hold on to it for if it goes, all the career politicians in Brussels will be out of a job. This is no longer what is good for Europe. They will rig any election to save the Euro. What will they do if Britain leaves the EU? At least they are not in the Euro,

The EU Commission is taking on even more debt to save the euro. The first attempt with the IMF drawing rights was not realized. Nonetheless, Merkel and the others accepted that they have to ensure the survival of the euro and it will be through inflation and money printing that things fall into place again in the Euro-zone.

Draghi Mario - 1

Mario Draghi, the ECB will save the Euro by any means. In other words: the ECB will save the euro at the expense of European savers through inflation or IMF seizure’s of assets. They are intent upon imposing a tax on every financial transaction and capital levies are inevitable. The ECB did back down from austerity as we reported.

After this meeting in 2011, any hope of retaining the democratic process has vanished. These people are emerging a dictators and the democratic decision-making process in Europe was to abolish. Given Obama’s involvement, we can fully expect the same agenda to take hold in the USA for the people will not comprehend what is good for them.

They saved the euro at the expense of all freedom. European politicians are different and have embraced the French elitist agenda. This is why Thomas Picketty has come out with his book that has the media hailing it as brilliant. That is what they were told to do.

The Greek Papandreou tried to give the Greek people what they were entitled to. But the rest of the world feared the Euro would collapse. He had to go and Berlusconi was quick to follow. Europe is turning into a dead zone for both freedom and economics. In these G20 meetings which politicians must go if they dare to try to defend the people.

Everyone at the helm of governments today is on board with this agenda. This is the REAL CONSPIRACY and the public is being misled into every other direction purposefully to prevent anyone from stopping this agenda. The G20 is now coordinating as a single cooperative entity to hunt down money everywhere. Welcome to the new face of Marxism. Not even the bankers, Bilderbergs, or the Illuminati are invited.