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John Boehner – the Most Evil Dictator in the History of Congress

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John Boehner is one good reason why there should be a law that if a state continues to elect someone who will destroy the nation, that state should be ejected from the union until its comes to its senses. California gave us the corrupt Dianne Feinstein, which is reason enough to hand it back to Mexico and say please take it back – we are sorry. Ohio has sent Boehner, who is the poison pill, to destroy the Republican Party for 2016.

Boehner is perhaps the most corrupt House Speaker ever. No bill can come to the floor without his palm being greased. Boehner has sold out the country numerous times, but the worst of it is he acts like a dictator. He removes anyone from any committee who dares to disagree with him. Boehner retaliates and punishes anyone who votes against him in his own party. This is so anti-Democratic it is off the charts. We elect people to REPRESENT US, not to do as Boehner commands. The fact that Boehner sees it as his kingdom warns us that this is politics at its very worst. It is a shame we cannot hand Ohio to Canada and say here – take him please.

It is Boehner who will PREVENT Rand Paul from ever becoming the Republican candidate. I am constantly asked why I do not run for President. I respond by saying they have no idea what is really involved. Boehner would not even allow Ron Paul’s name to be placed into nomination at the Republican Convention, despite the fact that the people of some states had so voted. Boehner is by far the MOST EVIL politician I have ever encountered in Washington, whereas Hillary Clinton is probably the most corrupt, and Obama is the most incompetent, this trio will go down in history. If Hillary is elected, the medical hospitals and insurance companies will buy their way to more money and Hillary will bring massive tax increases.

So our forecast for a sharp rise in Third Party activity and the split will come from the Republicans, well you just met the man who will be the cause of that trend – John Boehner. Please Ohio, go your own way just take him with you.