Lindsey Graham – Total Nut Case

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Grachm Lindsey

Well Lindsey Graham is just someone who should be banned from government if not locked away in some prison for he seems to have inherent violent tendencies. Besides arguing that lawyers and trials should not be provided to anyone accused of terrorism and can be imprisoned indefinitely for life with no recourse because the government is always right, now he has totally gone just nuts and revealed how dangerous this guy truly is. This is why they only gave one trial to those held in Cuba because they have no evidence. The jury dismissed 223 out of 224 counts in the one case they sent to trial which was the BEST. What does this say about Graham? No trial, lawyers, and held until you die to cover up mistakes? While visiting the Concord City Republican Committee on March 7th,Graham said he would send in American ground troops to defeat ISIS.

But that is not the real nut case issue. The critical issue is in addition, he wants to sequester Congress and will call in the military to imprison Congress until they do as he commands reversing all military cuts. I just do not know what to say. Where in the Constitution does the president have the RIGHT no less AUTHORITY to send in troops to imprison Congress until they reverse military spending cuts? God help us if this nut-job is nominated by Republicans as their candidate?


Please – if anyone is really listening, we need a honest third party here if the choice is between Hillary and Graham. Between Hillary lying about emails and risking national security on private servers that are not secure to cover up what she now says are 32,000 personal emails (21 emails per day), what choices do we have? Probably a large portion of those private emails are cutting personal deals for family and friends with foreign governments. If there was ever a moment when we needed some Divine Intervention, now would be really good.