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Judge Amero Dismisses Lawsuit Against Georgia Run-Off Elections

During a hearing, Georgia Superior Court Chief Judge Brian Amero rejected a lawsuit seeking to overturn the results of the state’s two Senate runoff elections in [...]

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Trump & Tax Evasion

The latest is that Trump could be criminally charged for tax evasion by paying for some benefit to an employee rather than salary. The Internal Revenue Service [...]

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The Hypocrisy of Congress

If Ashli Babbitt, who was unarmed and shot point-blank and killed, was black and this was on the street, there would be national riots everywhere. The policeman [...]

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Trump’s Lawsuit Against BigTech – Is it Viable?

Anything Trump does the media will call a joke. This lawsuit they all claim Trump will lose. But their bias blinds them to two important points one of which he [...]

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Kamala Harris’ Tactics Overruled by Supreme Court

The Supreme Court ruled against Vice President Kamala Harris’ policies when she was the top prosecutor in California. The justices threw out California’s [...]

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Judge Defends Big Tech Censorship

In Florida, a federal judge blocked a new Florida law that seeks to punish large social media businesses like Facebook and Twitter if they remove content or ban [...]

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Can Shareholders Bring Suit Against Dorsey for Securities Fraud?

In July 2015, then CEO Dick Costolo departed Twitter, and Jack Dorsey assumed the role of interim CEO. Twitter was created by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, [...]

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Death Penalty

QUESTION: What is your view on the death penalty. The Biden administration asked to reinstate the death penalty which seems to be a contradiction to everything else [...]

Read More is a Fraud & Possible Criminal Organization

It turns out that not only do they engage in FAKE NEWS, but they employ the internet in every possible way to falsely deprive the people of the truth. Wikipedia is [...]

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Vaccine & Employer Mandates

Houston Methodist Hospital is telling employees that if they refuse to take the vaccine, they will be fired. Now 117 employees have joined a lawsuit against the [...]

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