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The Insanity of it All

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I do not get here how this New York judge has not dismissed this case, and Bragg has no jurisdiction to prosecute a federal crime, even if it was. Why not charge Trump under Saudi Law and cut off his hands? No state can prosecute another’s laws. That is plain and simple. I would be filing in federal court for an injunction against New York, and since Trump is a Florida resident, he has the right to prosecute. I would also use the Civil Rights Act and name the Judge and Prosecutor for acting in violation of the Constitution lacking subject matter jurisdiction.

The entire world knows this is to interfere in this election, which in itself is a federal crime. Everyone in this country can file a federal court case to seek an injunction against this prosecution. What they are doing in New York is criminal under 18 USC 594 – “interfering with the right of such other person to vote… ”

Right to vote 18 U.S. 594 Intimidation of voters