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Prosecutors Threatened Cohen to Plead Guilty or They Indict his Family

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Cohen Michael Police

Let me explain something. Threatening your family is standard operating procedure because the Supreme Court has given prosecutors ABSOLUTE IMMUNITY no matter what they do! That has corrupted our entire legal system. This is why you have all these prosecutors charging Trump, for they are ABOVE the law, as are judges.

Cohen asserted that he was pressured to accept a plead guilty to charges in 2018, including the hush money payment to Stormy Daniels.

“No one indicated you threatened to be guilty, correct?” asked Blanche, Trump’s lawyer.

“As I stated previously, I was provided with 48 hours within which to accept the plea or the Southern District of New York was going to file an 80-page indictment that included my wife, and I elected to protect my family,” replied Cohen.

“You do feel you were induced to plead guilty?” the Trump’s defense lawyer asked.

“I never denied the underlying facts, I just do not believe I should have been criminally charged for either of those two — or six — offenses,” said Cohen.

He stated that prosecutors never directly threatened to indict his wife and explained that he learned of this potential threat from his lawyers.

“I accepted responsibility,” said Cohen.

Prosecutors Immunity

The Supreme Court destroyed our legal system when it decided Imbler v. Pachtman, 424 U.S. 409 (1976), which held that district attorneys/prosecutors have full ABSOLUTE immunity from civil suits resulting from their government duties of bringing cases that they even KNOW are false and for political or personal objectives. That should be overruled, and it has gutted our legal system, destroying due process of law and equal justice for all.

2021 Conviction Rate with Table 2

2021 US Sentencing Commission

It is STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE to threaten your family to force you to plead guilty to things you never did. Prosecutors have a 95-100%% conviction rate depending on the district. Your case is supposed to be randomly sent to a judge. Civilly, the clerk picks the judge in a closed room. The SEC had the clerks always assign their actions to Judge Richard Owen. Out of 100s of judges, they managed to always get the same one.

Owen Richard


Judge Richard Owen was a real notorious pro-government former prosecutor playing the role of judge. He had handled most of the high-profile SEC cases. Amazingly, every high-profile SEC case seemed to get him.  He took the lawyers away from Steven H. Schiffer in an SEC case and then tormented him, so he committed suicide all alone because, civilly, you are not entitled to lawyers. Then he would joke about it that he was never overruled because Schiffer didn’t know how to handle himself. This is far too often the character of people in the legal system who seem to be attracted because they love to hate people and hurt them and their families – it seems to make them feel powerful.

06-14-2000 114 MEMO-ENDORSEMENT on Emergency Ex Parte Application; Ex parte request for relief in Bankruptcy Court or, in the alternative, request for hearing on order to Show Cause before 6/8/00; this is filed as “on hold” due to Mr. Schiffer’s death on 6/9/00 ( signed by Judge Richard Owen) Copies mailed. (lam) (Entered: 06/21/2000)

Rosenberg Ethel

Sobell MortonIn the famous Rosenberg espionage case, where they also did not have the necessary evidence, they charged his wife to try to force a guilty plea. They went to trial, for it was clear that Julius Rosenberg did not have the information they thought he had to save his wife. It was April 5th, 1951, when Julius Rosenberg (1918-1953) and his 35-year-old wife Ethel (1915-1953) were sentenced to death using this Espionage Act. Today, everyone concedes that his wife’s crime was simply being married to Julius. The prosecutors charged her, thinking it would force him to give up his contacts, which he never did, most likely because he had none.

A co-defendant of Julius and Ethel  Rosenberg, Morton Sobell (1917-2018), admitted for the first time that he was a Soviet spy on his deathbed at 91 after serving 30 years in prison but also made it clear that Ethel was innocent. Sobell passed military secrets to the Communists in World War II when the nations were still allies, he told the New York Times. Sobell, who served 18 years for espionage, said Julius did pass secrets, but Ethel, executed with her husband in 1953, was guilty of nothing more than being Mrs. Rosenberg.

Heyl Dorothy

This is a standard tactic. When the government was threatening my family and taking my lawyers away, I wrote to Dorothy Heyl, who was the SEC prosecutor, and asked if this is how they win cases. I said if the object was to get me to commit suicide as they did in Schiffer’s case, I said I would commit suicide to protect my family, but I promised I would not go so quietly as Schiffer. She told all the other prosecutors to back off. She seemed to be the only one with a conscience in New York City.

I had one guy come to me and say they were threatening his daughter. I did not seem so disturbed by his story. He called me a cold-hearted bastard. I told him to go talk to anyone in here. It’s not personal. They do this TO EVERYONE. He came back and apologized after talking to others. No judge will listen because they are ONLY there to protect the government – not you.


Judge Rakoff Why Immocent Plead Guilty

The famous Federal Judge Jed D. Rakoff was so appalled at the depths to which our legal system has collapsed that he wrote a book entitled: “Why the innocent plead guilty and the guilty go free.” Anyone who thinks that our legal system is just or fair you better open your eyes. I believe that these prosecutions of Trump have pushed the reality of just how corrupt our legal system has become in front of the entire world.

Arrogance of Power

Once you hand ANY power to ANYONE in government, they will abuse that power and expand their authority, just as a small businessman tries to expand his business. The problem is we are dealing with the government, and the victim is ALWAYS the people. The American legal system has beaten the abuse of even Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party.


Volksgerichtshof, Reinecke, Freisler, Lautz

Our own conviction rate, being nearly 95-100%, stands in contrast to even Adolf Hitler, who had a conviction rate of about 90% at his notorious People’s Court under Roland Freisler (pictured in the center). Roland Freisler was the most bloodthirsty of all the head judges to rule that court. Even Wikipedia writes:

“The number of death sentences rose sharply under Freisler’s stewardship. Approximately 90% of all proceedings ended with sentences of death or life imprisonment, the sentences frequently having been determined before the trial. Between 1942 and 1945, more than 5,000 death sentences were handed out, and of these, 2,600 through the court’s First Senate, which Freisler headed. Thus, Freisler alone was responsible, in his three years on the court, for as many death sentences as all other senate sessions of the court together in the entire time the court existed, between 1934 and 1945.”

Our conviction rate today of about 95-100% in federal court has surpassed the most notorious court Hitler maintained in determining if you were Jewish or any part thereof, which had a 90% conviction rate. That is not something we should be proud of. There can be no liberty when the government controls the courts. Socialism ends up being the excuse used to exert power and nothing more.

Queens bENCH Dublin

When 2032 comes around, this time, the government must be STRIPPED of its power to bring criminal charges in any matter where they are not the actual victim. None of this disturbing the king’s peace shit from Magna Carta to make money. There should be NO judge for life. Lawyers should have to be judges as a civil duty for brief periods – not life. There should NEVER be one judge in any criminal proceeding – only three.

Mill John Stuart Legal Persecution

John Stuart Mill (1806-1873), in his classic work, On Liberty, should be required reading in high school. Only then will people begin to comprehend that all governments are NEVER there for your benefit – only their own pursuit of power.

Dickens Suffer any Wrong

Even Charles Dickens (1812-1870) wrote about how corrupt the courts had become in England. His classic line in Bleak House published in 1853 from Chapter I, In Chancery, explained it all.

“Suffer any wrong that can be done you rather than come here!”

Gibbon on Commodus

Even Edward Gibbon (1737-1794) in his Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire also observed that the legal system of Rome had become corrupt, and what is said then obviously applies to our system today – that a “distinction of every kind soon became criminal” as Bragg has done in New York to Trump with the nonsense of hush money, and “Suspicion was equivalent to proof; trial to condemnation” describes our legal system that has matched the conviction rates of the most notorious tyrant throughout all of history.

Armstrong legal system crumbles