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Judge Threatens to Put Trump in Prison on Contempt

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Merchan Judge Juan


Let me explain something here where this Judge is out of control and should be stripped of any legal license if not thrown in a dungeon for his treason against the United States. This New York Justice Juan Merchan warned Trump on Monday that jail remains “truly a last resort” that would disrupt the proceedings, court staff, and law enforcement. There are TWO TYPES OF CONTEMPT – the first is Civil, where they pretend to order you to comply with some turnover as they did to me, and because it is “CIVIL CONTEMPT,” you have zero constitutional rights, and that includes the absolute tyranny of the judge being the prosecutor, jury, and judge – the very essence of tyranny.

A GAG ORDER is a different animal. This is criminal, and you are entitled to a trial by jury. Trump should call this judge every name in the book; he will then hold him in contempt, which would be unconstitutional, and he gets to take this to the Supreme Court. This disgusting Judge would have to step down from this case. The governor should intervene at this point and tell the court to have him step aside. We are looking at New York City descending into chaos, and NOBODY should invest or step foot in this horrible jurisdiction. As my lawyers said from the start, New York practices law differently than any other place in the country. That was an UNDERSTATEMENT.

Merchan at least admitted “The magnitude of such a decision is not lost on me.” He added: “But at the end of the day I have a job to do, and part of that job is to protect the dignity of the justice system.”  This judge had the audacity to say: “Your continued violations … threaten to interfere with the administration of justice, and constitute a direct attack on the rule of law.”

Mr Trump’s violation was saying the jury “was picked so fast – 95 per cent Democrats.” “The area’s mostly all Democrat. You think of it as a – just a purely Democrat area. It’s a very unfair situation that I can tell you.”

Liberty Crying

This judge is so out of control it is absurd. Every person on that jury will be followed and interviewed by the press. They will NEVER be able to hide their names from anyone. Trump saying they are all Democrats is merely expressing what the entire world knows – this is a political trial in a very corrupt kangaroo court that is destroying the image of liberty and justice for all. This has undermined the integrity of the United States. How many politicians have had affairs? They were never charged criminally. Bill Clinton even committed perjury. Nobody demanded he be thrown in prison.

This is a CRIMINAL CONTEMPT that REQUIRES Constitutionally Trial by Jury

Not Tyrannical decrees by a Judge.