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Democrats Indicting 18 Republicans in Arizona For Claiming Trump Won 2020

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Mayes Kris Attorney General

We now have another Democrat screwing with the 2024 election to ensure they win. Democratic Attorney General Kris Mayes manipulated a grand jury in Arizona on Wednesday, indicting 18 Republicans with conspiracy, fraud, and forgery for submitting a document to Congress “falsely” declaring that Donald Trump beat Joe Biden in Arizona during the 2020 presidential election. She has listed a “prior U.S. president,” presumably referring to President Trump, as an unindicted co-conspirator. Mayes blacked out the names of seven individuals she indicted, saying they would be released once they were served.

America on Trial Alan Dershowitz

What is wrong with our legal system is that they can indict anybody for anything. I recommend you read America on Trial. All the famous cases that were wrongful prosecutions. You will be shocked at how the government abuses the law all the time.

They are NOT required to tell even the truth to a Grand Jury, and they are NOT required to present ANY contrary evidence. The Supreme Court has WRONGLY held that you have no right to be present at a Grand Jury. You have the right to defend yourself before the jury in court. What is wrong with it is they can accuse you of murdering your spouse with absolutely no evidence whatsoever, throw you in pretrial detention, keep you there for years, or pay an inmate to kill you all with NO EVIDENCE OF GUILT! You are then indicted, and it is your burden to prove your innocence. Our legal system is so bad that it is frustrating. They have killed people, claiming they murdered someone, and have no body or any evidence.

Ham Sandwich

An  Indictment is an ABUSE OF POWER as it is being used today. In Florida, you have Trump fighting just to get a list of who will testify against him. They provide no notice and consistently seek to present guilt by surprise. The way indictments are obtained is really a violation of the spirit of DUE PROCESS OF LAW, where a citizen MUST be provided with clear evidence of such a charge – fair notice.

Wachtler SolLawyers for decades have said a prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich because the system is outright corrupt beyond compare. That phrase was first coined by a New York State Judge named Sol Wachtler (born 1930). Wachtler was the former chief judge of New York State who coined that term in a January 1985 interview with the New York Daily News‘ Marcia Kramer and Frank Lombardi. The relevant portion:

“In a bid to make prosecutors more accountable for their actions, Chief Judge Sol Wachtler has proposed that the state scrap the grand jury system of bringing criminal indictments.

Wachtler, who became the state’s top judge earlier this month, said district attorneys now have so much influence on grand juries that “by and large” they could get them to “indict a ham sandwich.”

A month later, the New York Times noted that Wachtler believed grand juries “operate more often as the prosecutor’s pawn than the citizen’s shield.” This belief—that prosecutors can get grand juries to do whatever they want them to do is universal and if this is not seriously changed, we will see massive civil unrest tear the system apart limb for limb.

HSBC Gag Cover

In my own case, they indicted me, claiming $1 billion was missing. The bank provided NOTHING to show that I ever wired the money out or wrote a check. They just claimed they didn’t know where the money that they stole was. When I told the prosecutor the bank stole the money, he replied – “We believe the bank.” I did an interview with the Japanese press and told them the bank stole the money and that they had better come to New York and file suit against the Bank. The government then files a GAG ORDER on me to stop me from helping my own clients against the bank.

Republic Pays 606 WSJ

All the lawsuits filed against Republic National Bank/HSBC forced them to plead guilty and repay all my clients. The prosecutor made a deal so that nobody from the bank went to prison. When I asked a New York lawyer why no banker ever goes to prison in NYC, he said – “You don’t shit where you eat!”

Owens Richard D

At a reverse proffer session, the prosecutor, Richard D. Owen, admitted to my face, “We know you didn’t steal any money, but we are not going to drop the charges.” 

Docket Sheet Sealed 2013

I filed a motion before Judge Lawrence M. McKenna asking what I was charged with since the bank pled guilty, and they knew there was never any evidence I had withdrawn a dime. The judge ordered the government to respond. They went to the Chief Judge, took my case away from Judge McKenna, and handed it to a hanging judge, Jogn F. Keenan, who just said that the motion was denied, and that was that. They sealed the docket sheet, so I could never find out to this day how they pulled that one off.

Wheel of Fortune

Indictments mean NOTHING. They can lie and say anything to get them, and they are sealed, so you cannot see how they ever got it. As long as the government can indict people, there will never be any justice whatsoever. What this District Attorney is not doing in Arizona for politics is really the final nail in the coffin of the experiment that began in 1776. The Wheel of Fortune has completed its revolution. The tyranny and corruption we revolted against have returned. That is what cycle analysis is all about. The Roman goddess of fortune was always pictured with a cornucopia in one arm and her other hand on the rubber of a ship, symbolizing she could give you great fortune or turn the rubber in a moment and destroy your future. It looks like she is turning the rudder of America.