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US’s Political Prisoner – What They Do When They Have no Case

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QUESTION: What do you think about their treatment with Jake Lang?


ANSWER: Something is seriously wrong in his case. He has spent more than three years in pre-trial detention, which violates his Constitutional right to Speedy Trial, which states the government MUST put him on trial within seventy days. The only way is to waive that right, which his lawyers probably did without telling him because court-appointed lawyers are ALWAYS working for the government to keep that job. They have a virtual perfect losing record of 99% in general.

The government is throwing him into solitary confinement pretrial, which is what they ALWAYS do to try to torture someone into pleading when they do not have the evidence to convict. You only do that when you try to break someone. But the fact that they are doing this to him is all about how they are engaging in torture, which the courts claim it is not unless you leave a mark on someone’s body. The court overlooks psychological torture and confinement torture. They are trying to compel him to plead guilty because they have problems with the case. Yes, he was beating an officer. But he claims that was in self-defense. There is the problem. Who threw the first punch?

Even worse, someone needs to contact him, for his court-appointed lawyers are clearly working for the government. I have NEVER met a court-appointed lawyer who EVER actually defends their pretend client. They are a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Without fake lawyers, the government would NEVER keep its 99% conviction rate.

Lang Jake

Lang has spent much of his incarceration in the Washington, D.C. jail. However, he says he also has been shuttled to jails and prisons in New York City, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, and Oklahoma during his three years in custody. This is what they do to break people. It is called DISEL THERAPY because you are shackled with legs and hands, thrown into a bus, starved, and abused in every possible way, all to break you down to plead guilty. He is a pretrial in DC – not shipped like cattle nationwide. How could he show up in court in DC when in Oklahoma? The judge is in on it.

Government never admits mistakes

They do this when they do not have a case. The Bureau of Prisons takes orders from the Prosecutor, which is illegal, but it will NEVER admit that in court. You are dealing with people who spit on the Constitution, and they are only concerned about winning at any cost.

If anyone has access to him, please pass on this message. The Habeas Statute that would cover him BEFORE conviction is

28 U.S. Code § 2241

The jurisdiction of that is wherever you are behind held. Therefore, if he is not in Washington, DC, he can file habeas in a different court – himself Pro Se. I would even help with the brief. That court would hold him, and he CANNOT be removed during a habeas – at least Constitutionally, but these people piss on the Constitution every single day. He would get away from the corrupt court in Washington and get another judge to review what is going on. They have violated the Speedy Trial Act, and the case should be dismissed on those grounds.

Sixth Amendment

If the evidence were overwhelming, they would have put Lang on trial ASAP to make their political statement. What the prosecutors are doing is outrageous, and this case demonstrates there is a serious problem here, and the ONLY way this takes place is with a CORRUPT Judge and a CORRUPT court-appointed lawyer working with a CORRUPT Prosecutor. The Speedy Trial Act, as applied, is UNCONSTITUTIONAL, for it has effectively nullified the Constitution. No rule or Act can supersede the Constitution, for it is the supreme rule of the land. You cannot WAIVE a Constitutional right, for it is a RESTAINT on government – not a positive right of the citizen. You cannot waive anything, for that is a constructive amendment of the Constitution, which can ONLY be amended by a Constitutional Convention.

Supremacy Clause U.S Constitution