A Letter to the FT From a 21 Year Old Greek


The cold-hearted bastards who want to rule the world should just for once realize it is not all about them. This is part of letter to the FT. We are plagued by insane politicians who are destroying our future completely.

But now I can hardly remember life before Friday night. Fear. I am terrified of tomorrow, all I now see is black. Uncertainty, leading us through our days, every remainder of hope for a brighter future being destroyed by the minute. I look at my three-year-old niece, I envy her ignorance, I envy her age. I am 21 years old and the past few days I feel tired by life. A referendum that supposedly gives me the right to define my future, seems to have taken it away.

Happy Revolution Day – The Rebellion Against Monarchy


The 4th of July was indeed a major event for it set in motion the rebellion against a corrupt form of government then known as monarchy which was still dominated with unelected bureaucrats. The American Revolution set off a contagion which manifested in Europe with the French Revolution beginning on the 14th of July 1789. The first inauguration of George Washington took place on  April 30th, 1789. So if we take the Cycle of Political Change from 1789, that brings us up to a rather important event of a national hero who is called a traitor and would be killed or imprisoned for life exactly as George III declared Thomas Jefferson a traitor and everyone else who signed the Declaration of Independence which Jefferson wrote. Snowden could only go to Russia for security for any other country would have turned him over, George III sent an entire army to capture Jefferson personally and hang him. Fortunately, he was warned an entire army was converging on his home and he had to flee.


 That hero appeared on May 20th, 2013 precisely 224 years on cue from 1789. That hero is Edward Snowden for what he revealed was not just that the United States was unconstitutionally violating every right of every American citizen, it was a worldwide cooperation among nations to hunt down their own people because they could feel the reigns of power slipping from their grip. They say history produces the heroes we need at critical moments. Perhaps this is true. One is hard pressed to find so many brilliant minds coming together as was the case in 1776 as we saw with people like Jefferson, Ben Franklin, James Madison, and even Thomas Paine whose words moved a nation along with those of Patrick Henry – Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death.

Hopefully, there will be people who will step forward over the next 4 years to lend a hand once again. We face a very dark new age of totalitarianism and government crush all rights to preserve their privileges and power.

35% of Americans Want to Get Out?


In a recent poll, 35% of Americans would like to resign their citizenship. Of course, this report by CNBC is a bit distorted. It was a poll taken by Americans using an oversees money transfer service. That is probably a correct figure for someone who deals outside the USA. It would certainly not apply to Joe Six-Pack since he would not even know there is a world worth seeing rather than invading outside the USA.

A Pledge Submitted by an American Reader

I pledge allegiance to no flag, but to truth and morality.
which doesn’t seem to exist in the Divided States of America.
And to no republic, for it stands for nothing,
One nation, under surveillance,
comply divided
with Liberty and Justice destroyed
and inalienable rights taken from us all.

Merkel’s Obsession with Austerity & Bias of the Press Against Greece


The obsession with austerity stems from Germany’s experience with the hyperinflation. This is akin to the USA’s obsession with deflation of the Great Depression. Both political groups and nations fail to understand the real causes of what they experienced so we end up with rising authoritarianism that will not end nicely. Austerity cannot continue when government continues to grow in cost. This shrinks the disposable income of the people and is destroying the economy. If this continues, they will welcome a Russian invasion and hand the bill to Putin for their pensions.

The European press bash Greece as if they are all tax dodgers. The problem with Greece was they converted their debt from drachma to euro and then the currency rose from 80 cent to $1.60 against the US dollar. This effectively doubled their debt in real terms and this is no different from someone who bought one of those Swiss loans who then suddenly owed 30% more when the peg broke.

The European Press overall bashes Greece as if nobody pays taxes. But raising taxes to this extent in Europe is highly deflationary. No government anywhere is prepared to deal with the problem of rising pensions for government workers.

As one of our readers commented:

Thanks  for the great insights and leasons.

You’ll probably enjoy this little piece of European ambiguity in tax evation:

Ferrari, whose logo features the flag colors of its home nation Italy, plans listing on the New York Stock Exchange as a Dutch holding with its fiscal residence in the U.K., Marchionne said Friday. (see Bloomberg News)


Meanwhile we’ll continue bashing the Greek for being so naughty in their tax evasion, our European media is very biased. One of the major problems in my country, the Netherlands, is that there is not a single political party that sees it right. There just won’t be a political solution in time I’m afraid. You are absolutely correct about the majority needs to be wrong. That’s a major eye opener!


Many thanks again!


Best regards,