Andrew Johnson Impeachment


QUESTION: Wasn’t Andrew Jackson impeached or they began impeachment proceedings because he moved all funds from the Bank of the United States to his pet [...]

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Tahiti Blue Frontiers

Floating Cities – Can They Escape Taxes & Crime

Floating cities in the sea are getting closer to reality at the Seasteading Institute. Futurists are already thinking about the founding of cities on the high [...]

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Market Talk – April 13, 2017

Currency, namely YEN, was the main talking point for the day as then yen approached 109 over Two big figures on the week. This obviously the currency move hit the [...]

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Gold Update – Private Blog

Private Blog – Gold Update [...]

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Pink Diamond

Sotheby Auction in Hong Kong Sells Pink Diamond for $71.2 million

Sotheby’s auctioned a stunning 59.6 carat diamond known as the “Pink Star” which sold for $71.2 million in Hong Kong. This set a new world record [...]

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Using Postage Stamps for Money

QUESTION: Martin, how would stamps be involved in a cashless society?  Could they be utilized as a paper currency at least domestically?  Stamp books used in [...]

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Why Real Estate Should NEVER be the Majority of Your Portfolio

COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong, I believe you may be the only person who has identified this trend in government others are just starting to see. Here in New Brunswick in [...]

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Market Talk – April 12, 2017

Asia traded heavy with the yen making new recent highs in the continued flight to quality/safety. Interesting we have seen such a tight trading range as we near [...]

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SAC Capital Advisors LP

SAC Capital Advisors Different Type of Inside-Trading

SAC Capital, formerly known as Sirius Asia Capital, in Singapore was founded in 2004. It began as a corporate finance firm specializing in IPOs and corporate [...]

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100 Deutschemarl

Deutsche Marks Still Being Hoarded as Hedge Against Euro

It may sound crazy that an old currency is still being hoarded 16 years after the introduction of the euro. However, the Germans still have been hoarding Deutsche [...]

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