Crash & Burn

The Crash & Burn

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, you’ve mentioned the term “Crash and Burn” many times over the last few months. My question is, what will the [...]

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Disgusted with Congress Yet?

QUESTION: I see what you mean that even the Republicans are against Trump. If the NSA is taking all our phone calls, emails, and SMS and the latest Wikileaks shows [...]

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Pelosi Summer

Why Removing Trump Will Lead to Civil War

QUESTION: Marty; It seems that the left is winning in preventing Trump from really reforming anything and the Republicans themselves are divided over Obamacare. Do [...]

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Market Talk- March 16th, 2017

The weaker USD was blamed for the rally seen in Asian stocks today, with many also saying it was about time! The mood within Asia certainly feels nervous and even [...]

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Thank You for your Concern-R

I’m OK

I greatly appreciate all the emails worrying about my health after Larry Edelson passed away. Generally speaking, I am in pretty good shape thanks to my genes. I am [...]

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Trump – Dollar & Why He Will Fail

QUESTION: Hi Martin, How is the dollar supposed to continue to rise when Trump and all of his cabinet members want a weaker dollar? They constantly blame others [...]

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Oil Platform

Largest New Discovery of Oil in USA Puts USA in Top Ten

Another major discovery of oil has been made in Alaska of 1.2 billion barrels. It is the largest find of conventional oil for 30 years on US territory. The [...]

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CNBUSA-M 3-15-2017

The Fed Raises Interest Rates & Markets Rally!

The stock market, gold, silver, and oil all rallied when the Federal Reserve delivered the widely expected increase in its benchmark interest rate on Wednesday, the [...]

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Market Talk- March 15th, 2017

Another quiet session for Asia with closes small mixed. Toshiba was again a talking point after it lost 12% in todays trading with the added possibility that it may [...]

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Pointing finger blaming others

Bond Holders will Blame Others for Their Losses

QUESTION: Hello Martin I am beside myself when I look at the disconnect that we are seeing in relation to the US equity market and the US bond market.   Are [...]

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