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Low Voter Turnout Expected for 2024 US Presidential Election

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The public has political fatigue. The 24/7 media cycle has been promoting political divide for years. The last election saw an outcome that was in contrast to the will of the people. No one on either side actually believes Joe Biden secured 81 million votes to become the most popular candidate in US history. Half of the nation deeply hates Donald Trump, and they have grown tired of seeing him appear on every broadcast whether it is in his favor or negatively. A new poll shows that interest in the upcoming presidential election has hit a 20-year low.

The NBC News poll found that Americans are largely dissatisfied with both top contenders. Immigration and inflation are the leading issues that concern voters. Only one of the two candidates would be willing to fix these issues, but half of the nation is already hell bent of seeing him lose. The Democrats never gave another candidate a fair chance. The DNC presented the public with a Biden-Harris ticket yet again and expected them to feign excitement.

Biden 2024 Lets finish the job

This same NBC poll found a 74% interest rate in the elections during 2008, 67% in 2012, 69% in 2019, and 77% in 2020. Only 64% of registered voters say they are “highly interested” in the 2024 US Presidential Election. Young voters are especially disinterested in the election, as only 36% of registered voters aged 18 to 34 say they are highly interested in the presidential election.

Gerrymandering, mail-in ballots, thousands of votes cast on behalf of dead voters, prohibiting citizens from being required to show identification and therefore permitting illegals to vote – the last election was a complete disaster and this one will be no different. One in five Americans actually admitted to committing election fraud in 2020. Republicans were more prone to committing election fraud, but studies found that Donald Trump would have been the clear winner if mail-in ballots were prohibited.

Trump Sworn In

Voters, especially the youth, have a “why bother” attitude toward voting as the elections appear rigged. Absolutely no one is excited about a Biden re-election. Biden is not debating at all. He is unable to speak and cannot carry a cohesive thought. The cognitive dissonance surrounding Trump is extremely strong and the people voting for Biden simply hate Donald Trump, but they are fearful of his supporters and a Trump victory because he has vowed to turn the nation in the opposite direction.

It matters not who wins. Neither party is going down without a fight this November. The Democrats have been attempting to put Donald Trump behind bars on ridiculous charges and even those on the far-left can see the overt corruption. Trump has been essentially barred from going on the campaign trail as he must stay in New York to attend meaningless hearings day in and day out. People hate Trump’s supporters openly and it has become taboo in many states to speak favorably of the former president.

America is completely divided. Inflation is a top issue, but the masses do not understand what has been driving inflation, and no, it is not corporate greed. Political fatigue has swept America as WE THE PEOPLE have little say in our political leadership.