Austrian Elections – Still the Anti-Socialist Vote

  QUESTION: Marty, at the cocktail party you said you did not see the far-right in Austria winning for it was not the same. Then you got pulled off. Just [...]

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Parallels in History

QUESTION: Hi Martin Since you have a detailed grasp of world history. Can you provide any insight to any parallels with Trump’s election to any period in the [...]

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Soros Who Says He Does Not Believe in God

Soros & his Link to the [...]

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Was Our System the Only One Correct or Were They Falsifying the Polls?

QUESTION: Hello Mr. Armstrong, I was told by a friend that you forecast BREXIT and Trump and was the only one in the world to do so. I’ve been fascinated [...]

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If You Dance in a Bar in Brussels – You Must Pay a Tax

The patrons of Bonnefooi, a cafe in the center of Brussels, last week received an inspector of the City to visit. Who asked them to pay the “tax dance.” [...]

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The War on Cash – One Giant Leap Forward For Government

The European Payments Council (EPC), a subdivision of the European Central Bank, is taking one giant step forward in their quest to eliminate all cash to increase [...]

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Renzi to Resign – Italy Follows the Global Trend – Votes NO

We are witnessing what a Private Wave is all about. The Italian Referendum came in on point with the NO vote at  59.4% against 40.6%. Our model is now four for [...]

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Run on Dallas Pension Fund – Mayor Asks To Suspend Withdrawals

The Mayor of Dallas, Mike Rawlings, sent a letter on the 29th asking for an immediate suspension of lump-sum withdrawals from the Dallas Police and Fire Pension [...]

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Every Household in California Owes $93,000 to Pay for State Pensions

Stanford University has been tracking the cost of pensions in California. So while there is a movement starting to separate from the United States especially since [...]

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Sanders Bernie - 1

Bernie Sanders on the Election


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