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Market Talk – August 30, 2016

The Nikkei was not the main topic of conversation today in Asia as the Shanghai and Hang Seng both outperformed the Tokyo exchange. The HSI closing up 0.85% and was [...]

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Barroso José Manuel

Goldman Sachs is at it Again

More than 75,000 people have signed their names to a petition protesting against the appointment of former European Union leader José Manuel Barroso to the [...]

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Hoarding Cash – Prelude to the Crash & Burn

We are monitoring confidence in the banking system as reflected by cash withdrawals. The sale of home safes has exploded in many countries. I previously reported [...]

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Socialism Marxism

How Socialism Destroyed the Family Structure

The very core tenet of Marxism and its two versions called socialism and communism is to actually replace the family structure. In Russian communism, Stalin was [...]

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Computer Cloud

Artificial Intelligence Computers Replacing Lawyers

The trend toward replacing opinion-oriented fields like analysis is also taking root in medicine as well as law. The new computer named ‘ROSS’ is an AI [...]

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Artificial Inteligence-1

Artificial Intelligence – Machine Learning

CRITICISM: The Computer has no bias or imput? Which is impossible: a computer needs information or facts to make decisions. Unfortunately, ‘facts’ are [...]

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Market Talk – August 29, 2016

We knew what to expect from the Nikkei cash this morning after we heard remarks late Friday and Saturday from all at Jackson Hole. On Saturday it was BOJ Governor [...]

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US Debt: Who is Really Selling & Who is Buying?

QUESTION: Marty; Since you wrote that central banks have been net sellers of US Treasuries for the first six months to support their currencies, others are jumping [...]

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Money Market

New SEC Money Market Rule Will Send Cash into Treasuries

  The new SEC rule on money market funds takes effect October 17, 2016. There is never a crisis that simply passes. Such events always lead to more [...]

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Central Bank Confidence-2

Are Central Bankers Coming to a Bitter End?

Central bankers these days are seriously trapped. They cannot now reverse their policies for that means they have to admit that they have failed. This is why the [...]

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