Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg Calls Trump a “Dangerous Demagogue”

  Hillary Clinton & Michael Bloomberg at the Goldman Sachs new building construction Former Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg had the audacity to [...]

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Was Bill Sleeping During Hillary’s Acceptance Speech?

Bill knows that other people write such speeches anyhow and they are never the real words of the speaker. So what the heck — might as well catch a break from the [...]

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Elizabeth Warren’s False Reality

Sen. Elizabeth Warren claims that Trump wants everything to crash so he can buy up real estate on the cheap. Of course, to do that one must have cash and confidence [...]

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GC Inve4stor GMW 7-29-2016

Gold & Monetary Reform

QUESTION: Marty; The Global Market Watch on gold has been really something on the investor level. Can’t wait for the trader level. I believe your staff said [...]

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Market Talk — July 29, 2016

All eyes were on the BOJ, and even though they disappointed many, after a turbulent trading session the Nikkei index closed higher. No easing, no additions to the [...]

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Congress Authorized Propaganda Against Americans

  The mainstream media became far more systemically involved as the government’s tool to spread propaganda after two vital changes were made to the National [...]

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Merkel Refuses to Reverse Refugee Policy

Merkel refuses to admit that she is wrong and will not reverse her refugee policy despite all the problems, attacks, rapes, and terror. This is the precise reason [...]

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Obama Change We Can Believe In

Obama – You Can’t Fool All the People All the Time

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, I remember Obama promising to eliminate income tax on seniors. They always just say whatever gets them votes and never do anything they [...]

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Private Blog Updates in Down & Gold for Month-end

Private Blog Updates for the Dow & Gold for month-end [...]

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Market Talk — July 28, 2016

As we enter the BOJ meeting, messages are very mixed. Many are hoping the package exceeds expectation JPY 28tln ($266bn) whilst others, anxious the BOJ may shoot [...]

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