Party Politics

Party Politics – Insanity

QUESTION: Marty; I see these people ranting about Trump and how outraged they are. They seem to have no problem with the outrageous amount of lies Hillary has [...]

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MA-Socrates Prison

More than Just Buy or Sell – The World Beyond

Visiting the Jail Cell Where Socrates Died COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong, Just spent the night in the ER with one of my kids. Waited hours for the results of the CT head [...]

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Comey-James FBI-Portrait


QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; Comey kept you in prison without any charges under the pretense of contempt. Then he supported a lifetime gag order on you to prevent you [...]

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Is Front Running Now a Crime?

The US Department of Justice has arrested Mark Johnson, who was the global head of foreign exchange trading at HSBC, and a former colleague, Stuart Scott. The two [...]

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Market Talk — July 20, 2016

Japan finally saw a down day (-0.25%) that could be allocated to the individual performance of Nintendo shares, which declined over 12% today due to the delayed [...]

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Obama Baton Ruge

Obama on Baton Rouge

The deliberate killing of police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana has been the subject of much propaganda. President Obama did not address what is obvious to everyone and [...]

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Turkey Flag

Turkey – Failed Coup – Real or Fake?

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; You have been warning that we are in an upward trend now for civil unrest which includes coups to revolutions as distinguished from a [...]

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Euro Crisis - 1

Why Are Italian Banks Breaking Europe?

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, why are Italian banks in worse shape than most other countries. What happened to the bail-in program of the ECB? Can you explain why Italy [...]

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Melania - Michelle

Republicans Try to Sabotage Trump By Handing His Wife a Bad Speech to Read

Everyone knows these people just read whatever they are handed from the teleprompter. Trump himself has been more rouge when it comes to that. It seems that the [...]

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Market Talk — July 19, 2016

Some say the Nikkei is close to ending its bull run after seeing some impressive gains recently. However, after the long weekend we have seen yet another 1%+ gain, [...]

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