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US GDP & Recession into 2028

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QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, Socrates correctly picked March as the Directional Change, and it looks like there will be a sharp decline into June. Are you expecting a serious recession with the May 7th turning point on your Economic Confidence Model?


PS It seems like Jamie Diamond uses Socrates since he has just said what you were forecasting, that this will look more like the Stagflation of the 1970s.

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ANSWER: A recession is defined as two consecutive quarterly GDP declines. Socrates projected the start of this decline with the March Directional Change. This should continue to weaken the US economy into June. Yes, we see an economic “recessionary” decline that will befuddle the Federal Reserve, for we are dealing with shortages much like the 1970s, which means inflation rises in a recession-producing Stagflation that we see into 2028. These Neocons want war, and their personal hatreds are running the country – not economics. This is why they hate Trump, who is anti-war, and they want Biden because he allows the UNELECTED agencies to run the country.

We are headed into massive civil unrest even in Canada, and thugs are sent in to break up demonstrations against Trudeau’s climate change tax. Canada will break apart East vs. West just as the USA will possibly split into three sections. CENTRALIZED GOVERNMENTS do not work—Stalin proved that. Nevertheless, career politicians always seek more power, so they are NOT going to make the next four years easy. We are their hated enemy—never forget that.