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Gates & Modi Connection from India

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Gates Modi

It has been no secret that Modi of India has been desperately trying to force his nation out of cash and into the world of electronic currency. It has long been assumed that Modi has been a part of Bill Gates’ vision of the future. The left is always the most dangerous because they see themselves as victims.

Narendra Damodardas Modi is proving to be a very dangerous radical who is extremely misguided. His demonetization of the currency of India was carried out without even asking the Reserve Bank. His BJP party advocates social conservatism and a foreign policy centered on nationalist principles. Generally, Modi has focused on a largely neoliberal economic policy prioritizing globalization and economic growth over social welfare. In sum, he is subjugating the people to his goal of globalization.

At the G20 meetings back in 2017, there were discussions behind the curtain about eliminating currency. Governments were beginning their secret agenda adapting to a new banking system by September 2017 that would provide instant transfers in order to support an electronic currency. You can go to a store, pay for something, but the money does not show up for three days. That had to change in order to make the digital currency viable.

Indian Rupees

Modi has been pushing India against the wall to move into this new world of electronic money, and his ideal target was to join was 2020 based upon sources. They have been using this virus to tell people it can live on paper money for 17 days, so you will risk instant death by accepting paper money. Modi was not doing this in isolation. He has been fully on board with the Gates agenda. Modi’s cancellation of paper money set in motion a panic conversion to paper dollars.

The primary reason they are all conspiring to overthrow Trump is that he stands in their way. The Democrats put into the virus relief bill their version of a digital dollar. Trump removed it. These people determined to change the old-world order feel they MUST overthrow Trump. Meanwhile, the demand for gold in India and China has declined thanks to the coronavirus. Modi has used the virus to cut off imports, using the global lockdown as the excuse.



Melinda Gates has been pushing digital currency and she has been addressing the G7 on the claim that this will empower women. She told the G7 that eliminating paper money and moving to 100% digital currencies will somehow strangely empower women who otherwise are suppressed by paper money. I can’t even understand that logic. But she has also been spearheading that women are oppressed because they have children. So she is on to the entire theory of depopulation for climate change.


Now comes Modi’s second part of the Gates conspiracy. India’s Serum Institute is already preparing a Gates vaccine for the coronavirus, which is under trial in Britain but is totally unproven. So much for Gates’ 18 months. They are making 60 million doses of his vaccine he claims will take 18 months to develop. Why lie? Gate’s vaccine is already in preparation and they believe they will skew the polls and do whatever needs to be done to overthrow Trump and then the Democrats will make the vaccine MANDATORY to work. This is just part of the agenda. What is so important about this vaccine? That is the real question.

The Serum Institute makes more vaccines than any other manufacturer and delivers them to 140 countries around the world. How can they begin looking at creating a vaccine that is not yet proven? Serum AMR was granted a license to Aridis’ clinical-stage programs AR-301 (ventilator-associated pneumonia) in September 2019, which is interestingly related to the coronavirus which causes pneumonia.

Serum Institute was quoted by Reuters: “’A majority of the vaccine, at least initially, would have to go to our countrymen before it goes abroad,’ Poonawalla said, adding that Serum would leave it to the Indian government to decide which countries would get how much of the vaccine and when.” Modi will control the vaccine. This is a very interesting conspiracy.

Nanotechnology-based vaccine delivery systems have been developed to enhance the immunogenicity of a vaccine antigen by modulating antigen delivery to the immune cells. Nanocarrier formulations of vaccines offer the advantages of co-delivery of antigen and immunomodulatory. But what does Gates want to covertly inject into our systems? ID2020? Is this the Minority Report 1984 vision where they know who we are but not with eye scans?


Bill Gates clearly has a whole other agenda that he is not disclosing for a man who thinks the world is overpopulated. It just makes no sense that you would want to vaccinate people to increase the world population. In an interview with Financial Times earlier this month, Gates called the coronavirus pandemic “the biggest event” most people will experience in their lifetimes. Gates also warned that a viral outbreak on this scale could occur “every 20 years or so.” Diseases have historically always thinned the herd. That is just part of the cycle. Why would he try to stop that process if he fears the world is overpopulated? Something is just not right!

Gates is the person who has manipulated this virus into the global headlines, and funded fake studies to justify a global lockdown (Ferguson). I have reviewed his code. It is a complete joke. It is incapable of forecasting anything as a stochastic. Gates will use this to forecast on 1% death rates from his vaccine (700,000 people to die), but what if his models are wrong again and 5% or more die? Will that satisfy his agenda? He clearly states immunity from his vaccine so he cannot be prosecuted (pay attention to the interview). He will just get to say – Sorry! Oops!

Despite all the data that show far fewer people have died of this virus than the flu, it is the biggest event of their life because he has destroyed the world economy to create a New Green World Order.

Genius of Bill Gates

Nobody knows what really lurks in the mind of Bill Gates. For someone who claims we must get to zero CO2 and professes to be a climate change supporter, he did buy a fully electric Porsche. However, he also has a Porsche 959 which many say is the most impressive car to come out of the German automaker and possibly the greatest car ever. Hm. Not exactly something a Climate Change disciple would drive.

BMW_i8_031 1024x491

Being a sports car buff myself, for those who are unaware, an electric car is the FASTEST off the line – PERIOD! I bought a BMW i8, which is a hybrid. It is super fast and a lot of fun. So while you can appear to be in favor of the climate, you do not have to give up the thrill. They are just as quiet as a mouse.