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Ferguson Reverses his Claims on the Virus were Wrong

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One of the people who has assisted in this panic over the coronavirus has been Neil Ferguson, who led the @imperialcollege authors who warned of 500,000 deaths and 2.2 million people would be infected from the coronavirus. Now, low and behold, Ferguson has himself tested positive for the virus and has suddenly announced a change of view. Ferguson has been a major contributing factor in causing the world economy to collapse. He has advocated locking down the economy which has been behind the movement around the world.

Ferguson lock down

I find this very curious that he would advocate shutting down the economy when he knows the economic damage this would have. The number of people whose jobs will be lost, and small businesses destroyed around the world is incalculable. Ferguson now says both that the U.K. should have enough ICU beds and that the coronavirus will probably kill under 20,000 people in the U.K.  and interestingly he now admits that more than half of whom would have died by the end of the year in any case because they were so old and sick. Ferguson now predicts that the epidemic in the U.K. will peak and subside within “two to three weeks” after advocating 18+ months of quarantine would be necessary.

 DJIND M Array 12 7 2019

Beyond AIFerguson’s model is highly questionable for it was obviously based on human assumptions that were WRONG! Socrates has projected it would peak by the week of April 6th to the worst-case scenario the week of April 20th. I think Socrates has done a far better job than any model ever designed that requires human assumptions/presumptions. I do not input any assumptions /presumptions into Socrates whatsoever. Socrates analyzes everything on its own WITHOUT human input or tweaking. Here was Socrates’ array on the Dow Published last November. Besides showing a string of Directional Changes until March, it showed that March would be a Panic Cycle and that volatility would rise February and March.

There was NO HUMAN INTERVENTION nor was there any HUMAN ASSUMPTION imposed. Socrates is the ONLY fully functioning Artificial Intelligence system in the world. It is not an expert system. It takes the raw data and projects the timing for everything functions with an inherent cycle.