The New 2017 Banking System

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The year 2017 will bring us a step closer to eliminating physical money through governments assault on the underground economy. I previously reported that Europe had moved forward to make payments electronically on an instant basis. The same system is being turned on next year in Australia. The entire reason the Founding Fathers of the United States prohibited direct taxation was to protect our liberty. Today, governments need to know absolutely everything, and once they eliminate physical cash they will have the their dream — the quest for the secret of the philosopher’s stone. They naturally take no responsibility and instead successfully shift the blame for their mismanagement to the rich. They claim they would have no problem if everyone paid every penny on taxes. Of course, it does not matter how much tax they collect — it will never be enough.

Eliminating physical money will lead, they believe, to the philosopher’s stone. By changing the banking system to instantaneous transfer, they can eliminate physical money and track everything we do all the time. There will be the surrender of all liberty and the termination of our civil liberties. This is how empires collapse.