Italy to Raise Taxes to Satisfy Brussels – Why the Euro Will Fail

  The European Union (EU) has been pushing Italy for a very long time to reduce its deficit. Of course, governments are never capable of reducing their own [...]

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Germany’s Misreading of Economic History is the Doom of the EU

Angela Merkel and her party remain clueless about the economic history of Germany which has been made apparent through her insistence upon austerity that is tearing [...]

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Putin 2020 World Expo

Merkel Wants to Fully Censor the Internet Claiming Putin Wants Her Defeated

Merkel is already adopting the Obama strategy by blaming Putin for any potential loss in the election. She is going much further, perhaps because she grew up in [...]

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Merkel Explains

Merkel to Deport Refugees for Reelection

The inundated Chancellor Angel Merkel has always had her own team who poll her popularity regularly. She cannot let go of power and she is known for not standing [...]

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Merkel-Forcing Refugees

Merkel to Regulate Real Estate Loans

Merkel wants to regulate real estate loans in Germany. The Federal Government is planning to implement extensive regulations on real estate loans. Among other [...]

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EU Collapse on Schedule

Merkel admitted that the European Union is in a “critical situation” as the EU leaders met in Slovakia. I greatly appreciate all the emails asking why [...]

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Merkel-Good Bye'

Merkel’s Refugee Crisis

Of course, Chancellor Angela Merkel has denied that allowing the refugees in has led to the recent Islamic terrorist attacks. She has admitted that fighting crime [...]

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Merkel Explains

Germany to begin Conscription Once Again

Germany is to reestablish conscription into the military, which had been suspended on July 1, 2011 after 55 years. The Merkel government now sees a major security [...]

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Merkel Refuses to Reverse Refugee Policy

Merkel refuses to admit that she is wrong and will not reverse her refugee policy despite all the problems, attacks, rapes, and terror. This is the precise reason [...]

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Schäuble Says Europe Needs More Refugees to Prevent Inbreeding

German Finance Minister Schäuble is touted to replace Merkel. Like other politicians of his age, he too is just in a state of denial. Despite the fact that 2/3 of [...]

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