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Is this a Staged Political Coup on a Grand International Level?

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COMMENT: Hi Marty,

No one has been more spot on before the deluge than you in calling these moves.

Have you ever seen such idiocy in all your life as is on full display today with these politicians jockeying for position, cramming their pet projects into the bailouts and trying to without support for funding while the entire country collapses? Even the Lehman collapse in 2008 looks mild compared to this! Businesses collapses, supply chains broken, small businesses going broke, executive orders coming from Governors now requiring people stay home and wait indefinitely. By the time the dust settles, the financial damage will be beyond measure…i really believe the only reason why they are doing this now is because no statistics are available to measure the collapse in sales, tax receipts, economic activity. Goldman says 24% collapse in GPD, but I really doubt these politicians even grasp what this does to any recovery, thinking there will be a quick snap back recovery is delusional…nothing like this has ever happened, man made, and they think getting funding now to businesses is going to solve the problem they have created….permanent damage has been done not only to our economy but the world since we buy so much from them, travel and spend money there and circulate freely.

I think an economic collapse happening in real time is unprecedented and will surpass that of the 1929 crash…all man made, through inception and bad policy choices and bad advice from academics…


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REPLY: This is a photo running around among the Democrats, cheering the destruction of the economy, for they are counting on this to overthrow Trump. But this does not stop there. This is a coordinated effort by the left to also overthrow Merkel and force the capitulation of Germany and its long-held policy against inflation. They have succeeded in breaking the will of Germany as Merkel has thrown in the towel. The Deep State has been trying to overthrow Trump desperately. What the WHO and the CDC have orchestrated is beyond belief.

Coronavirus per million

They have put out these scenarios to justify destroying the economy under the claim there will not be enough beds to help people. China built hospitals to handle it in days. The WHO and CDC have chosen to destroy the economy rather than expand hospital capacity. I am sorry, but no one in their right mind would have done this. I am sorry, but all the information I am getting from direct sources are starting to paint this as a political coup on an international level. The climate change was just running into too much resistance so they needed another approach. Everyone knows I hate conspiracy theories based on just speculation. Even Diane Feinstein and others sold their investments with the turn of the ECM, including bonds! I know of high-level Europeans who did the same.