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The CDC & Vaccine Companies in Bed with Facebook?

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Zuckerberg Washington

Zuckerberg is a very dangerous adolescent who has clearly not grown up. Personally, I would never own a single share of Facebook when its management is just so questionable. US Congressman Thomas Massie has come out stating in a series of tweets to say that Facebook’s independent fact-checkers are removing what they call “vaccine misinformation.” These people are funded by Johnson & Johnson, manufacturers of one of the vaccines. Massie said:

“Who pays the paycheques of the fact checkers? The vaccine fact-checkers at, who claim to be independent, are funded by an organisation that holds over $1.8 Billion of stocks in a vaccine company, and is run by a former director of the CDC”

Fact-checkers responded claiming that “As you know, we disclose our funding sources here:

They cleverly used legal jargon to deny the allegation but admitted that they are indeed funded by Johnson & Johnson’s parent organization. They said: The views expressed by do not necessarily reflect the views of the foundation.

The fact is that is funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, whose current CEO is Richard Besser, who just so happens to be the former head of the CDC. The foundation holds almost $2 billion in shares for Johnson & Johnson, one of the very pharmaceutical companies manufacturing COVID vaccines.

This is outright consumer fraud that anyone else would be thrown in prison for doing. Zuckerberg is beyond walking on water, he can float in the air above it. I believe the Deep State worked against Trump at every stage of the election to ensure he would not just lose the election, but he would never exercise power. Therefore, he should not have had to go after BigTech and even the un-American propaganda machine — CNN — which has done more to undermine the United States than anyone, as its broadcasts are watched around the world.


Now the Epoch Times reports that Facebook is covertly working with the CDC. Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, the CDC was forced to release documents that shocked many and prove that Facebook’s claims to censor people pretending they are not the government is a lie. They have lost ALL IMMUNITY and can now be outright sued for violating everyone’s civil rights.


Has Zuckerberg proven that he is not really qualified to run a company of this size? The rise in the share value had nothing to do with his management skills. But the pending decline has everything to do with his unqualified decision-making. He may think he is a demigod and all-powerful, but sometimes the bigger they are, the harder they fall. Facebook may not exist after 2035.