Facebook Crisis

  Here is a video of Senator Ed Markley calling out Mark Zuckerberg after the damning whistleblower testimony. Perhaps at last we may begin to see some action [...]

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The CDC & Vaccine Companies in Bed with Facebook?

Zuckerberg is a very dangerous adolescent who has clearly not grown up. Personally, I would never own a single share of Facebook when its management is just so [...]

Read More is a Fraud & Possible Criminal Organization

It turns out that not only do they engage in FAKE NEWS, but they employ the internet in every possible way to falsely deprive the people of the truth. Wikipedia is [...]

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Uganda Blocks Facebook – They Should Not Say Who Can Be Heard of Not in Our Country

  The tyranny unleashed by Facebook, Google, and Twitter is unimaginable. What right do they have to censor people around the world and block anyone with whom [...]

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Governments Ask Facebook to Create a Backdoor to See What you Say

According to the Guardian, the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia are looking to pressure Facebook to create a backdoor into its encrypted messaging apps. [...]

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Facebook Shuts Down its AI System

A lot of people are using the issue that Facebook shut down its AI system when it began to create its own language as a short-cut in communication between two bots. [...]

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Mainstream Media is Dying — Facebook Recognizes Trend

Mainstream media is dying. Their biased coverage of the election will go down in history. Facebook’s latest announcement demonstrates how the younger [...]

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How to Create A Fairer System

  QUESTION: Mr Armstrong, I am an avid fan of your site and thoroughly enjoy your posts. As much as I am against tax, would you not agree it’s rather sick [...]

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