CDC Quietly Recalls all Johnson & Johnson COVID Vaccines in US

This should have made headlines across the world. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention quietly told the US government to destroy all available [...]

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Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Recall

The FDA has finally admitted what we knew all along – the vaccine is not safe. The FDA said it is limiting the availability of Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 [...]

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US Loses $1 Trillion Annually on Opiate Crisis

Big Pharma kills more people in America every year than firearms and car accidents; legal pill pushers have claimed more lives than COVID. The number of overdose [...]

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The CDC & Vaccine Companies in Bed with Facebook?

Zuckerberg is a very dangerous adolescent who has clearly not grown up. Personally, I would never own a single share of Facebook when its management is just so [...]

Read More is a Fraud & Possible Criminal Organization

It turns out that not only do they engage in FAKE NEWS, but they employ the internet in every possible way to falsely deprive the people of the truth. Wikipedia is [...]

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