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Australia – Green in Control

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The world has been taken over by the “Greens” who want to destroy all fossil fuel production fearing that if the tide turns, they will lose this opportunity. We are seeing the same push from Germany, the United States, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. The AGENDA IS TO ACTUALLY DESTROY THE CAPACITY TO PRODUCE and cause so much damage that no future administration will be able to restart what they have destroyed.

There is no rational agenda, They do not care if there is any alternative available now. Even pushing for electric cars that take up to two hours to recharge after a few hundred miles are not ready to replace everything. The power grid will never support it. Worse still, the #1 target in war is the power grid. If all transportation is electric, taking out the power grid will become critical and could render the defense of a nation impossible. Add to that the push for Digital Currencies by the central banks so the government will get every penny of tax by eliminating paper money. Takedown the power grid, and you will also wipe out the financial system.

There is no discussion with these people that is even possible. Unfortunately, this is most likely the fundamental behind what our computer has forecast the rise in a civil conflict which will no down lead to civil wars and revolutions.