Greek Gov’t is 40% of GDP

QUESTION:  Hello, I do not understand what Martin say about the fact that the Greek debt doubled when it changed into euro. Indeed, if the currency is twice the [...]

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Gore-Hot Air

More Evidence Against Global Warming Surfaces

While the Democrats are doing everything to block and alteration to the regulation and tax scheme supported by Global Warming theories, the refreshing rise of [...]

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Ernst & Young no longer Requires Degrees – No Evidence a Degree = Success

I have warned that 2015.75 was the peak in government and the two many industries that it subsidizes that has created the decay within our American society – [...]

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GC-GMW-Knee Jerk Low

Global Market Watch – Knee Jerk Events

QUESTION: Marty; The GMW was saying it was a knee jerk low the day before the week closed. Do you have to wait for the week close? KW ANSWER: Technically yes. The [...]

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anaheim crazy cop

Why Every Policeman Should Not Carry Guns – Only Specially Trained Squads

  An off-duty Los Angeles police officer pissed-off at teens traipsing on his lawn pulled out his gun and fired a shot during a sidewalk scuffle with several [...]

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French Cafe

French Government to Track Everyone, Everywhere

COMMENT: Martin, it happens now, as you wrote,  all of each french citizen will be registered, fingerprints, adress, Job, banking account..they want to own [...]

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GC-GMW-Knee Jerk Low

Knee Jerk – Reaction – Temp Events

QUESTION: Hello, could you explain the differences between “Knee Jerk v Spike v Temp v Reaction Events” ? They are all Timing indications I guess? [...]

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Is it Safe to Store Gold in a Safe Deposit Box?

QUESTION:  Martin, Love your blog, especially your historical perspective. You recently responded to a viewer that we should take precious metals out of safety [...]

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Market Talk- February 24, 2017

Another lacklustre session for Asian equity markets as we approach both the end of week closely followed by the end of the month. The Nikkei and Hang Seng both lost [...]

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Le Pen Marine

Le Pen soars in French Polls to Top

Marine Le Pen has refused to wear a headscarf at a meeting with a Grand Mufti in Lebanon.  The incident is likely to be well received by their electorate in [...]

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