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Why Every Policeman Should Not Carry Guns – Only Specially Trained Squads

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An off-duty Los Angeles police officer pissed-off at teens traipsing on his lawn pulled out his gun and fired a shot during a sidewalk scuffle with several minors. Protests were sparked after a video that was filmed on Tuesday afternoon emerged showing the confrontation between the off-duty LAPD cop and a group of teens who he had apparently accused of walking on his lawn. The confrontation ends with the officer pulling his gun out and firing a shot that did not hit anyone as the teens fled.

In London, the average policemen was unarmed. If there was any incident that required an armed confrontation, then a special squad was called in. Here this off-duty cop is just nuts. These are clearly not a gang, they are teenagers walking home from school. Kids will be kids. Walking on someone’s lawn did not give this insane policeman the right to drag this kid to his property for what reason?  He should be fired immediately.