Summers Larry

Larry Summers – Who Admits He Cannot Forecast – Forecasts Trump

QUESTION: Marty; Did you see Larry Summer’s comments on Trump. Is this guy completely insane? He says Trump is proposing things off the planet. Wasn’t [...]

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Do the Democrats Hold an Anti-Religion Position?

The Podesta emails revealed a real anti-Catholic and anti-Evangelic religious position in the Democratic Party. For the party that was founded by the slave owner [...]

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Tiberius-Bust - R

Bringing All the Sources Together

QUESTION: Hi Martin! I have been enjoying readings in your rich (in knowledge) website and writings in my vacations here in Southern South America. Between one [...]

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Forecasting Economic Numbers – Do They Matter?

QUESTION:  Hi Martin, You have mentioned on numerous occasions, that the Socrates has inputs from around the world to come to very accurate conclusions. I assume, [...]

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Market Talk – January 6, 2016

Most markets were waiting for the US employment report in order to set the theme for the rest of the month. Auto shares were the poor performer on the Nikkei today [...]

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Bitcoin – What Next?

The rally in bitcoin has come out of China, which has accounted for 98% of bitcoin trading in the past six months. China is also home to about two-thirds of the [...]

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Money Changers Refusing to Accept Australia $100 Bills

Because Australia has convened a commission to terminate the $100 bill, in the wake of the currency being cancelled overnight in India, there is a growing distrust [...]

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Global Warming – Opps – Ice Age – Hits Europe

Unfortunately, much of Europe is facing sever cold weather as temperatures plunged below zero with heavy snowfalls. Additionally, this is the worst coastal storms [...]

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Anti-Global Warming Scientists Are Hoping to be Heard

Researchers who see the whole climate change/global warming theory as bogus and by no means a planet-ending crisis are hopeful that the incoming Trump [...]

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Market Talk – January 5, 2017

After a 2% jump in the Nikkei yesterday we was no surprise to see a little profit-taking today. The JPY was a major talking point today with a very healthy bounce [...]

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