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EU Declares USA is new Enemy

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Verhofstadt Guy

The European Union’s chief BREXIT negotiator, Guy Verhofstadt, told Reuters that Donald Trump is part of a three-pronged attempt to undermine the European Union. His comments reflect just how deranged the EU politicians really are for they will accept no blame whatsoever for any of their own policies that are dictatorial in nature and have sought from the start to federalize Europe while denying that was their goal all along.

Verhofstadt told Reuters that the other two threats were radicalized Islam, which they themselves opened their own borders to accept with open-arms, and from Russian President Vladimir Putin, who just said that Europe should stay together. Putin even warned that the EU would not be a global player as is.

Verhofstadt actually claimed that all three parties were working against the progress of the EU project. The EU is doomed and their own refusal to address the autocratic anti-democratic policies have sealed their fate. It was the USA that encouraged the formation of the Euro in 1985 at the Plaza Accord – NOT the political surrender of sovereignty of all members to Brussels.


1-EMU Building the Foundation for the next great european economic disasterThis is the problem. The EU is blaming everyone but itself for its failures. That means they are incapable of preventing the collapse since they are in total denial that there is a problem. They deliberatly established a system whereby the European people CANNOT vote to change any politician since they do not stand for election. Draghi has engaged in QE since 2008. It has failed for 8 years. But no European can get rid of him at the polls. That means the ONLY was to bring about change is to exit the EU. Verhofstadt cannot bring himself to look in the mirror. We warned this would be the outcome of the EU project back in 1996 for its was designed knowing they wanted federalize Europe while denying that was their motive.

We warned about the rise and fall of the Euro back in 2011. We warned that the Euro would fail and provided the Hamiltonian Model as the answer to save Europe. The Committee establishing the Euro attended our World Economic Conference in London. We have had direct contact, yet it has gone in one ear and out the other. It is easier to blame others than admit a huge mistake they made all by themselves. Meanwhile, European politicians are deranged and believe they could win a trade war against the USA because of its strong economy? Not really sure what world these people are in but it does not seem to be connected to Earth.