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Woke Identity Politics

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The woke agenda has opened Pandora’s box. Governments adhering to the Build Back Better agenda are allowing children and adults to change their gender at whim. What would prevent someone from changing their race, age, or social-economic standing using woke identity politics?

A 20-year veteran of the Chicago Police Department is requesting to change his race after his department announced it would permit officers to change their legal gender. Despite receiving high scores on the sergeant’s exam and decades of experience, the officer has not been promoted. His lawsuit alleged that only five Caucasian candidates out of 75 applicants have received such a promotion. He would now like to identify as Egyptian and African American, but was told that is “not possible.” The lawsuit states Chicago has violated Title V of the Civil Rights Act (1964). There are now serious calls to allow transracial individuals to legally identify as the race of their choosing, although it is less accepted in the mainstream compared to transgenderism.

Biological males have been dominating women’s sports, nearing the competition all but obsolete. Biological males have been permitted to serve sentences in women’s prisons, with numerous stories of inmates becoming pregnant. Biological women have lower requirements for joining the military or police force. There were few, if any, instances of female public shooters until woke identity politics came into play and skewed the data.

Insurance companies are expected to pay for procedures regarding gender identity and ESG woke corporations are required to make accommodations as well. Changing the core of your identity is celebrated among the Build Back Better nations, with the POTUS calling transgendered people the bravest in the nation.


Children are permitted to make life-altering decisions before puberty to offset their development. Prominent stores like Target openly sold clothes for children to mask male or female genitalia and produced clothing promoting LBGTQ+ marketing toward children. Schools are supplying books to the youth beginning at the age of 5 that declare gender and sexuality to be a choice. It is not permissible and accepted in society to talk to young children about sex in publicly funded schools. Parents across the world are losing custody of their children for not supporting their gender identities. Christians and other religious individuals have been prohibited from adopting since these moves go against their core beliefs.

There’s nothing stopping these extremists from identifying as a different age for sinister reasons. Years ago, a man in the Netherlands sought to legally shed 20 years off his age to target younger people on online dating. “When I’m 69, I am limited. If I’m 49, then I can buy a new house, drive a different car,” he said. “I can take up more work. When I’m on Tinder and it says I’m 69, I don’t get an answer. When I’m 49, with the face I have, I will be in a luxurious position,” the “positivity guru” claimed.

Nigel Farage of the UK has been outspoken about woke capitalism, often called woke or corporate virtue signaling, and how it is destroying the West. “Go woke, go broke” was a common theme in 2023, with major corporations like Bud Light and Disney losing billions for combining identity politics with business.

Woke Discrimination

Woke identity politics are a slippery slope that is destroying our society. Could someone go to the bank and claim that they identify as having a higher credit score for a loan? Should Caucasians and Asians identify as a different race to gain preferential treatment when applying for schools or jobs that openly seek to install diverse candidates? Most alarming, can adults begin identifying as children?

Societies were a collective when everyone identified as one, be it French, Italian, German, etc. It is safe to say woke ideologies were birthed (by a birthing person) in America where politicians first used race to separate the people from viewing each other as equals. No one is “American”. Rather, they are Asian-America, African-American, etc., regardless of how long ago their ancestors arrived. The culture wars in the West have pitted neighbor against neighbor, and the establishment demands we accept implausible versions of reality in an attempt to strip us of our identities, demonize all religions, and force us to identify with a political class.