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Banned Books – A Reading by Senator Kennedy

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I saw a woman wearing a rainbow “I read banned books” shirt. Decades ago, less even, perhaps I would have asked what was in her library. Today, the banned books are merely woke propaganda intent on confusing the youth, steering them away from organized religion and tradition. The banned school books are vulgar tools to make children question their identity and GROOM them to understand sinister aspects of sexuality before they hit puberty.

Senator John Kennedy has never been one to shy away from the truth. The video above shows Kennedy reading from a book that has no place in the hands of children. The school board clutched their pearls and became irate with Kennedy for reading excerpts of various books. Why should we allow children to read pornographic books in school that are too crude for adults? It has absolutely no educational value.

The libs say claim that banning books is equivalent to the Third Reich burning all literary pieces that did not fit the Nazi agenda. They want the masses to believe that the right is simply banning books because they hate gays and are narrow-minded bigots. But just listen to the passages in these books – it is graphic pedophilia gay pornography. PEN America and the American Library Association has made it their mission to prevent future book bans. The organization states on its website:

“Books are under profound attack in the United States. They are disappearing from library shelves, being challenged in droves, being decreed off limits by school boards, legislators, and prison authorities. And everywhere, it is the books that have long fought for a place on the shelf that are being targeted. Books by authors of color, by LGBTQ+ authors, by women. Books about racism, sexuality, gender, history. PEN America pushes back against the banning of books and the intolerance, exclusion, and censorship that undergird it.”

Pen America is even suing various publishing houses for not providing schools with this filth. Pen America is funded by numerous liberal philanthropists and organizations. The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation donated $750,000 recently, and is hosting an event next week called “Reading, Power, and Freedom,” to discuss placing smut books in schools. One of the keynote speakers edits “Gender & Sexuality in Information Studies,” so clearly we know where her focus lies. All of their donors happen to be fixated on sexuality and strongly believe small children should be exposed to this deranged commentary.

Again, the message Kennedy read in the video above is too disturbing to repeat. I cannot imagine explaining that message to a young child. No one at the board meeting wanted to answer Kennedy when he asked if these passages were appropriate in an educational setting. “You come here and say censorship is bad, and of course it’s bad,” Mr. Kennedy said. “But the obvious response is— you heard the books we’re talking about. We’re not talking about “Catcher in the Rye.” So tell me, who gets to decide? And all I’ve heard is the librarians. And parents have nothing to do with it. and if that’s your response, what planet did you just parachute in from?”