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California v Hate – Turning Neighbor on Neighbor

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Silencing Free Speech

They say life and death rest on the tongue, and in the case of California, your own words and thoughts can and will be used against you. CA vs Hate is a new program brought forward by Governor Gavin Newsom that encourages neighbors to turn on one another and lose trust in their own communities. The state has invested $110 million into this thought policing policy that entices individuals to report “hate speech” to the government.

Anything anti-establish can be qualified as hate speech, as we have seen in recent weeks. I brought it up a few times in recent writings, but “mother” and “father” are now deemed offensive terms by our government officials. Citizens may visit the online portal or call the hotline to report anything that they deem hateful. Assemblyman Al Murtuschi states these services “will help individuals and communities targeted for hate including Asian Americans, Latinos, Black Americans, LGBTQ+ individuals, religious minorities, and other communities that make up California’s diversity and strength.”

The online portal notes: “There are two main kinds of hate incidents – (1) acts of hate that are not crimes but violate civil rights laws, and (2) acts of hate that may not violate the law. Both types cause significant harm to communities.”

No crime or evidence is required for reporting. Anyone, regardless of immigration status, may file a report with this agency, which by the way, is not affiliated with an actual police department. “California vs Hate is not run by the police. Your report will not be shared with law enforcement without your consent. We will only connect you with law enforcement if you request it. Our team can share information about how to report to police or local prosecutors if needed,” the website records.

They will collect files and data on everyone to use against them once social credit scores are implemented. Who do you think this bill will target? Conservatives who disagree with the current direction of this country. Upset that you’re being taxed without representation, with those funds being misdirected toward war and the migrant crisis? You are no longer permitted to share your views as the First Amendment has been abolished in California. Migrants are also encouraged to use this hotline to target American citizens. Reporting may remain anonymous, and anyone with a grudge may report someone without just cause.

Mouth of Truth

This reminds me of the Mouth of Truth (bocca della verita) in Rome, a 1,300 kg stone disc created in the 1st century with a human face, menacing eyes, and a large gaping mouth. Legend had it that anyone accused of a crime could put their hand in the stone’s mouth, and only the innocent could pull their hand back out unscathed. The Mouth of Truth did not require a check and balance against witnesses who could say anything to sway the jury and public opinion. There is no accountability, and the law will always side with the government. This form of judgement is equally as obscure as an anti-hate hotline with no requirements or backing by the actual legal system.

In fact, Newsom states that this intended “approach does not require engagement with the criminal legal system,” meaning this is a private data-collecting entity directed at people who feel they are above the law. Actual acts of hate against Conservative ideologies go unpunished. Could someone report that they were refused service for being unvaccinated due to religious reasons, for example? No. Could someone report that they were denied a job opportunity due to laws favoring the most diverse candidate over the most qualified? Do parents have the right to file a report that their child’s school sent home inappropriate homework assignments discussing sexual topics? Perhaps a family was denied the opportunity to adopt due to their unwillingness to allow a child to make an adult decision. Could they file a report? Absolutely not. This is the far left’s personal Stasi.

The intense divide in America has pinned two sides against one another, and now, these asinine tyrannical measures will pit neighbor against neighbor. No different from the Soviet era, people will become fearful to speak their truth as it could come with consequences. This is unconstitutional but the Constitution has been ignored for the past four years. This law is intended to dismantle our communities and families. Your neighbor could be plotting against you; they do not want you to trust anyone but the government.