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DEI in America – Open Racism

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Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) protects “the fair treatment and full participation of all people”, mainly groups “who have historically been underrepresented or subject to discrimination.” In other words, DEI is akin to Affirmative Action on steroids. It permits the open discrimination of White and Asian straight males, plain and simple.

Google has been providing its employees with DEI civil rights training for many years. A video from 2017 from a Google DEI training seminar has gone viral. This was BEFORE George Floyd and the rise of race politics. “This white anxiety is a public health crisis,” the DEI trainer told those hoping to be employed by Google. He then brings up America’s opioid and mental health crisis and teaches that it is no different than someone voting Republican.

“Increasingly white working class folks who are, you know, using heroin, using over the counter opioids, but they’re political opioids. Turning to a candidate who says “you vote for me and I will take away your pain, I will bring back those jobs, I will make your life better” that’s a form of an opiate as well.”

So Google has been training employees to believe Republicans are merely political junkies.


This line of thinking clearly impacted Google’s search results. We saw what they did during the 2020 US Presidential Election, from censorship to a skewed algorithm that favors far-left views. Harvard published a top-down DEI strategy described in five stages: aware, compliant, tactical, integrated, and sustainable. These words are utterly meaningless, but DEI is precisely why they waited so long to oust former Harvard President Gay amid plagiarism scandals and pro-Hamas protests.

Bill Ackman wrote a piece on X that explains the situation well:

"I came to learn that the root cause of antisemitism at Harvard was an ideology that had been promulgated on campus, an oppressor/oppressed framework, that provided the intellectual bulwark behind the protests, helping to generate anti-Israel and anti-Jewish hate speech and harassment. Then I did more research. The more I learned, the more concerned I became, and the more ignorant I realized I had been about DEI, a powerful movement that has not only pervaded Harvard, but the educational system at large. I came to understand that Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion was not what I had naively thought these words meant."

He went on to say:

"Under DEI, one’s degree of oppression is determined based upon where one resides on a so-called intersectional pyramid of oppression where whites, Jews, and Asians are deemed oppressors, and a subset of people of color, LGBTQ people, and/or women are deemed to be oppressed. Under this ideology which is the philosophical underpinning of DEI as advanced by Ibram X. Kendi and others, one is either an anti-racist or a racist. There is no such thing as being “not racist.” Under DEI’s ideology, any policy, program, educational system, economic system, grading system, admission policy, (and even climate change due its disparate impact on geographies and the people that live there), etc. that leads to unequal outcomes among people of different skin colors is deemed racist."


Companies are NOT employing Asians under DEI rules. “DEI initiatives often focus on Black and Latino communities, but exclude AAPI [Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders] professionals from considerations” because there is a perception that there are “too many Asians,”’ the Association of Asian American Investment Managers (AAAIM) noted. It does not matter that Asians are, in fact, a minority group because the far-left has deemed their race too successful and prominent in business.

White House Pride

Every search result for “DEI” will explain that it was paramount in the wake of George Floyd’s death that sparked the Black Lives Matter riots, but this program clearly began long before. Companies are no longer focused on hiring the best and brightest. Why? Because their major donors demand it.