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Zelensky is the War Criminal

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I do not care about those claiming Ukraine is fighting for freedom. They had their freedom; they are denying that to the Donbas, where the Mink Agreement was to let them vote on their independence from Ukraine. Ukrainian Nazis were never prosecuted for their involvement BECAUSE they killed not just Jews and Polish, but also Russians. That is why the CIA protected the Ukrainian Nazis.


Carving up China

Back in 2013, I warned that Ukraine was the place where everything would begin. Our computer targeted Ukraine for where this would begin. From the outset, my position was that Ukraine should have been split according to language. Politicians have drawn borders, and this policy has given us so many problems over the years. It is language and culture that should define a national border. It is also wrong for the refugees to enter Sweden and then refuse to adopt the culture of that nation, demanding their own laws will apply in specific regions. This is not like colonizing the Moon.

May 2 2014 Odessa Trade Unions House

The Ukrainians are fighting for the territory that was never theirs. They want Russia out, along with all other minorities they hate and do not trust. Make no mistake about it: if Russia loses, the Ukrainians will massacre all Russians in the Donbas territory. The West ignores the fact that the Ukrainians carried out a massacre of ethnic Russians who lived in Odessa as soon as their 2014 Revolution, and that is what started this entire civil war that the Western Press will not address. Merkel admitted that the West NEVER negotiated in good faith and conceded that the West wanted this Civil War to kill Russians and never intended to allow them to vote or have peace.

The 2014 Massacre of Russian-speaking Ukrainians in Odessa, where they killed them grabbing them on the streets, was a Neo-Nazi event. That was the turning point. It revealed that the Donbas had to separate, for the Neo-Nazis wanted their death, not their submission. That began the civil war. They set fire to the building and burned all the Russian-speaking Ukrainians alive. For the first time in history, an organized massacre of civilians was carried out and even filmed by numerous people. This has been documented in extraordinary detail, and the Neo-Nazis did not even fear any negative consequences in world opinion.



Victoria_Nuland_ PyattIf Ukraine ever got Crimea, you will see wholesale genocide worse than the Middle East. There, the civilians are not the direct target. In Ukraine, they were killing people for just being Russian. That is why the separatist movement began, and they armed themselves against the Ukrainians who attacked FIRST, starting the civil war on the order of the American Neocons. John McCain and Victoria Nuland were at Maidan, cheering them on and promising the USA would back them. Remember her leaked phone call when the EU objected: “FU-K the EU.”

John McCain, who was the leader of the pack of Neocons, was promoting Nuclear Power for climate change to end the US dependence on oil and that of Europe. McCain used climate change to cut off Russia, whose 50% of GDP was energy. Thus, McCain could care less about the climate. He used it as a weapon against Russia.

McCain hated Russians, and that was before Putin, as Politico documented back in 1996 – three years before Putin. McCain used climate change as a weapon to undermine Russia. The Neocons blew up the Nord Stream. This has been the objective for decades. We must understand that there are Neocons in America, Russia, and China. They may be small in number, but they tend to be very manipulative. What we have is the Climate Zealots who want to end all fossil fuels, where their goals support the Neocons who want to annihilate their enemies – Russia and China.

Ukraine Map

The 2014 Massacre of Russian-speaking Ukrainians in Odessa set in motion the separatist movement. The West is behind this atrocity because they hate Russians. Over 500,000 Ukrainian soldiers are now dead for what? Territory? The Donbas is overwhelmingly ethnically Russian. This is like Mexico demanding back California and Texas, and anyone who speaks English should be shot. This is ethnic cleansing, and the West is as guilty as every other such government throughout history. This is the legacy the West will be labeled with all because of a small group of Neocons who just hate Russians because they were once communists.

Time Men of Year Zelensky Hitler Stalin

Zelensky is the war criminal for over 500,000 Ukrainian soldiers are dead. Over 8 million Ukrainians have fled, never to return. When the history books are written, Zelensky has betrayed his own people for a territorial grab when the Dondas has always been Russian. The Ukrainians have already demonstrated their hatred of Russia, and they will slaughter those people there as they have done from the outside in 2014 as soon as they gained independence. Anyone who thinks this will end with a whimper is insane. Ukrainians hate Russians – it’s in their blood. We employed staff in both Kiev and Donbas. They two would NEVER talk to each other. When the one from Kiev attended our conference in Greece, they refused to take the shortest route, which was a connection through Moscow. This is as deeply divisive as Sunni vs. Shia in the Middle East or Protestant vs Catholic in Britain still.

WEC 2023 Agriculture Group

The real war criminals are those who order wars. Zelensky refuses peace. Even the Pope offered to mediate, and Zelensky refused. Zelensky constantly wants to address the American people, always asking for more and more money. The Republics finally said enough already. He sends 16-year-old boys to their deaths, all for land. Meanwhile, Ukraine was the richest agricultural land in all of Europe. We have dived deep into who suddenly is buying everything up, trying to hide their investments through fake local companies.

People are Expendable

The Ukrainian people, as well as the Israeli people, had better wake up and realize that the Neocons have their agenda. The more of you that die, the more they pretend to be outraged and demand retribution. Just look at Operation Northwoods, where they advocated killing Americans to blame it on Cuba to justify an invasion.