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Merkel Admits Minsk Agreement was to Trick Russia

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Merkel Confused

Merkel has basically said that the Minsk Agreement was to buy time for Ukraine to build up its army and never was there any intention of allowing the Russians in the Donbas to vote on their own future. Merkel admitted that they negotiated in bad faith with Putin simply to allow Ukraine time to fortify itself thereby buying time to build its army. She also said that at the time, NATO was weak and could not provide support to Kyiv to the extent they do currently. The Minsk agreements were signed to pretend to resolve the Donbas conflict.

Angela Merkel_ _Die Zeit

Mariupol_Maps Ukraine

The region was never Ukrainian territory. It was occupied by Russians for centuries. The people there had a right to their own lives. The Ukrainians demanded they no longer speak Russian and they sought to deny them even their own religion and they were to report to Kyiv – not Moscow. This was like Mexico reclaiming Texas and demanding English was to be outlawed and only Spanish was to be spoken and all religions were to be outlawed except allegiance to the Archbishop of Mexico.

Khruschev Brezinski

Furthermore, two heads of state of Russia came from this region Ukraine claims is now theirs and not Russia’s. Does that mean that  Kruschev who rebuilt Kiev after World War II and grew up in the Donbas and, of course, Brezhnev who was born there in the Donbas, were really Ukrainian? So the whole Cuban Missile Crisis was not with Russia but with Ukraine?

Minsk Agreement Head of State

May 2 2014 Odessa Trade Unions HouseIn truth, during the final signing of the agreement in Minsk, Belarus, the Ukrainian authorities had promised to commit to reforming their Constitution granting autonomy to Lugansk and Donetsk, allowing them to hold local elections in both regions to establish their own independent governments. Yet the Western press calls the Russian action an invasion of Ukrainian territory when Ukraine has refused to honor their word and negotiated in bad faith from the outset.

Make no mistake about it, the Ukrainians would create genocide and slaughter every last Ukrainian Russian as they immediately did in Odesa. Now Zelensky is desperate to create World War III all for Ukrainian hatred of Russians no different than the whole issue involving the Serbs v Austrians that started World War I. We are to die and risk nuclear war for Ukraine that has NEVER been anything but deceitful? We are being played for fools.

Merkel has been frank and one must question WHY would Putin ever agree to any agreement with Ukraine when they NEVER comply with what they agree to. It is now abundantly clear that the Minsk agreements were NEVER intended to be carried out by the current Kyiv government. They were simply used to buy time to build up their forces for war against Russia.

Indepentent Neo Nazis

While Merkel told Die Zeit that there should now be a negotiated settlement, the West has supported effectively genocide and refuses to acknowledge anything with regard to the Ukrainian Nazis who they have supported and protected against any prosecution that they carried out against the  German Nazis for their war crimes.



Ukraine is at least the most corrupt country in Europe if not the entire world. Even the IMF refused to provide money last year because of the unbelievable corruption. Hunter Biden was put on a board to gain influence with Biden. I refused to deal with them because of unimaginable corruption. You do not count your fingers after shaking hands with the Ukrainian government, you check to see if you still even have an arm.

Western Media refuses to tell the truth and is pushing us into World War III by championing Ukraine without ever looking closely at the facts. We are on the wrong side of history that will be written how the West collapsed for the third time, but this time, taking America with it out of sheer arrogance.