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Ukraine – the Bottom Line

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If we removed all of the political rhetoric from both sides and reduce Ukraine to the fundamental issues, we will see the common economic denominator is emerging in Turkey, Southern Europe, and over in Asia. There is no conflict between Russia and the United States in all of these places. Those who like to point fingers from both sides blaming the other side for Ukraine, are missing the point – it is pure economics.

Divide Ukraine along the historical language faultline and call it a day. The US does not want to see Ukraine go back to Russia for it will signal the rise of the old Soviet power and the Russian point of view that the further loss of territory should never again be allowed to take place. This power struggle is by no means the core issue for if it were, then we should NOT be seeing civil unrest in all these other places. What is in Ukraine is not unique to Ukraine. We are even seeing the contagion with university students supporting Kiev in Moldavia. Split the country would be a good idea – but will it happen? It is doubtful that such a prospect will take place voluntarily. Look at Israel and Palestine. The wounds may never heal. The West will hate the East and the East will hate the West. There is no solution where one side dominates and oppresses the other. That will NEVER work.