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Ukraine Maybe The Most Important Country To Watch

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Ukraine-Protest 2013

Kiev Golden Gate - rThe history of Ukraine is incredibly important in the entire Cycle of War. A full update on the Cycle of War is just about ready. Kiev was originally the first capital of Russia that was invaded and destroyed by the Mongols in 1240. It took nearly 100 years later for Moscow to rise as a city. All that remains of the ancient capital of Kiev is the ruins known as the Golden Gate constructed during the 11th Century.

Contacts on the ground inside Kiev and outside are reporting interesting trends. From outside of Kiev, the view is people are still protesting but peacefully after the clash with police when it became violent last weekend. The police were beating young kids who want to join with Europe. About 100,000 protesters converged on Kiev.

Ukraine is really divided in two. In the west closer to Poland, they want tighter relations with EU. They speak the Ukrainian language in the West. The channels on TV there are all about “Ukraine is Europe” (propaganda everywhere) and most of the people protesting in the capital (Kiev) are from the western part that is closer to Russia, where they speak Russian and have trade relations with Russia. This seems to be the group that has support in the current government. In Kiev, signs warning that deflation will engulf the nation if they join Europe.

Ukraine is a political mess, and there is a lot that needs to be changed no doubt. It is run by a “mafia” where the police don’t even stop the big shots for speeding. Everything is corrupt and you have to bribe people in government just to get things done.

From sources directly in Kiev, the view looks like “one more revolution here” is brewing. “Hope it will bring some changes to better…”

The War Cycle turns up next year. Because Kiev was the first capital of Russia, this is really important. Ukraine is between Russia and Europe and is being torn apart. Russia’s pride is on the chopping block and this is the real center of the struggle for Russia. It is all about restoring its former glory.

We will have the Cycle of War ready shortly updating this development as this cycle turns next year as well and we can see the rising tensions are brewing everywhere. Ukraine may become the focal point with Russia smelling the blood of a weak Europe and United States. This is like the barbarians smelling the weakness of Rome and knew it was time to strike. Russia is all about restoring its national honor. The USA has weakened itself like Rome by fiscal mismanagement.

This is a special report that so many have been asking for as we head into this turning point in 2014. It is vital to understand this cycle and what it means for herein lies the fate of gold and the Dow Jones Industrials not to mention the Euro and European markets.

WAR 2013