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Merkel’s Refugee Nightmare

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The prospect of Merkel winning reelection dwindles with each terrorist attack. This time refugee “youths” set a homeless person on fire in the Berlin underground station. They have been identified as refugees from Syria and Libya, police confirmed. They set a homeless person on fire as he slept in the train station Christmas Eve. It is not yet clear, but they all may have been what are commonly known as “MUFLs” (minor unaccompanied refugees).

Most Arab countries are now refusing to accept any return of refugees. What began as Merkel’s ploy to switch the topic from her hard-line policy on Greece to make her appear compassionate opening the doors to refugees, has proven to be far more costly than helping Greece. Merkel has torn Europe apart and will bring her election to a failure.

Mother-MerkelIt all began when on July 15, 2015, Time Magazine wrote, “Berlin’s role as the enforcer in negotiations over Greece’s debt could cause lasting damage to Germany’s global image.” Merkel has kept her own poll people to make sure she turns and stays with the popular swings. When her image was tanking due to her policies in Greece, this is when, without a European vote, she flipped solely for her personal political career. The Washington Times wrote on September 10, 2015, “Angela Merkel welcomes refugees to Germany despite rising anti-immigrant movement.” 

934-ECM 2011 - 2020The entire refugee crisis was created by Merkel as a diversion because Germany was being viewed as the harsh enforcer of loans, which were structured to hide what Goldman Sachs had instituted to get Greece into the euro from the outset. The entire reason for the refugee crisis was simply the view of Merkel globally. She needed to reshape her image from the loan shark to the caring Mother Merkel. Europe is now paying the price because Merkel was simply concerned about her polls.

The Refugee Crisis thus began with the peak in government on our model projected for October 1st, 2015 (2015.75). When Russia invaded Syria on the very day of the Economic Confidence Model, it signaled that Syria would be a focal point of this wave. The Refugee Crisis has been monumental. The United States has been trying to overthrow Syria for Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The outrage of the fighting in Aleppo criticized Russia without any mention of who they are fighting – rebels supported by the CIA, which included al Qaeda. Finally, the CIA has acknowledged having played a military role in Syria. It appears to be retiring, in order not to be associated with atrocities recently discovered by the Russians carried out by the very people championed by Obama and the CIA. Yet the CIA and the Pentagon are fighting and pointing fingers at each other. What the CIA has done with its nation building agenda, hopefully Trump will end.

It has been this insane war to take Syria for a pipeline that has destroyed the stability of Europe and sent refugees pouring into Europe with Obama saying he will take 10,000 Syrian refugees. You really have to question who is making such decisions all around. There would be no refugees if we did not try to get a pipeline through Syria to compete wit Russia. How much blood will ever be enough for these people?