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Did the ECM Pick the Date of the War in Syria?

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When Russia invaded Syria on the very day of the Economic Confidence Model, it signaled that Syria would be a focal point of this wave. Clearly, 2015.75 was the peak in government and we can see this from the rise of Trump and the anti-establishment vote that has produced perhaps the most insane political election in history. The fact that 63% distrust Hillary, which is greater than any president in history who has won, is just indescribable.

Assad has come out and stated publicly, “The West, especially the US, did not stop the Cold War even after the collapse of the Soviet Union.”

I cannot disagree with him. When I’ve asked why Russia is our enemy, the response used to be that they were Communists. Now, the reply is, well, they are Russian. Nobody really seems to know. Assad also came out and said that there was a sense of a third World War hanging in the air in Syria. Last week, Russian President Putin signed an agreement with Assad’s government to allow permanent deployment of Russian military forces in Syria. So that is it.


This entire mess is over oil. I have warned that this dispute simply began when Qatar wanted to build a pipeline through Syria to reach Europe and compete with Russia. Assad declined and now we have Saudi Arabia and Qatar funding Sunni terrorist groups to overthrow Assad, who is Shia, as confirmed in Hillary’s hacked emails. Even before the release of Hillary’s emails, there was evidence building that Saudi Arabia was funding the insurrections against Syria.

Sheikh Saud bin Mohammed Al-Thani of Qatar,

It was just one year after Qatar’s proposal that Assad began negotiations for another pipeline plan with Iran, which would carry Iranian gas to Europe across Iraq and Syria. Russia endorsed this project since it would clearly have more control over gas flow rather than the U.S. linked Qatar.

I understand that some people have said I have been advising Qatar behind the curtain. Yes, I had contact with the royal family of Qatar. Yes, I was a friend of Sheikh Saud bin Mohammed al-Thani who was a member of the Royal family of Qatar. Yes, he came to our office to see me a few weeks before he died in 2014. Yes, I visited him at his home in London. Yes, he offered Qatar as the headquarters for our operation. But we were friends simply because we shared collecting interests and politics was second.

Since I have focused on forecasting the world, I have come to meet some of the most amazing people around the world. Ultimately, everyone wanted to know what Socrates was saying. So in this regard, I have always had good inside sources. But I have not advised Qatar with regard to Syria or this pipeline project. I have been aware of both, but I was not involved in any strategic advising in this regard. We were personal friends because I had built the largest and most complete collection of coins to reconstruct the world economy. Qatar was always trying to get me to sell. That was it.

Needless to say, I am deeply concerned with the events to follow since this has lined up with the ECM to the day.