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Merkel’s Refugee Crisis

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Merkel-Good Bye'

Of course, Chancellor Angela Merkel has denied that allowing the refugees in has led to the recent Islamic terrorist attacks. She has admitted that fighting crime and Islamist terrorism will be key challenges for the year, and she is adopting a law and order position after attacks in Germany have seen her approval ratings collapse. Her response is typical, “We need more police.” To this, she added, “We will need more video surveillance of public spaces.”

Greece-Merkel-BanksThis is the entire problem with career politicians. They could never admit the truth because they fear that would be the end of their careers. Western “republic” forms of government are by no means a democracy. The very creation of the European Parliament, with no power to introduce or veto legislation, proves the entire point. Moreover, Chancellor Merkel collapsed in polls internationally after her refusal to yield to Greece. She allowed the Greek people to be strip-mined of assets to pay for their corrupt politicians.

Greece-PensionerMerkel’s harsh actions toward Greece drew international condemnation. On July 15, 2015, Time Magazine wrote, “Berlin’s role as the enforcer in negotiations over Greece’s debt could cause lasting damage to Germany’s global image.” Images of elderly Greeks committing suicide in Syntagma central square in front of the Greek Parliament in Athens had been making the front pages in the international press. Merkel’s image was becoming that of a money-grubber without any humanity. Pictures of retired Greeks who were moved to tears after being unable to withdraw any money from banks and unable to buy food ran around the world.


Then, the Washington Times wrote on September 10, 2015, “Angela Merkel welcomes refugees to Germany despite rising anti-immigrant movement.” The entire refugee crisis was created by Merkel as a diversion because Germany was being viewed as the harsh enforcer of loans, which were structured to hide what Goldman Sachs had instituted to get Greece into the euro from the outset. The entire reason for the refugee crisis was simply the view of Merkel globally. She needed to reshape her image from the loan shark to the caring Mother Merkel. Europe is now paying the price because career politicians were simply concerned about her polls.


Now Merkel refuses to accept any responsibility and outright denies that the refugee issue is even the problem. Police have altered records in Cologne to remove the word “rape” from criminal reports to support Merkel. Now, a leaked document has surfaced reporting that 2,000 men assaulted and raped 1,200 girls across Germany on New Year’s Eve. This was not an act of terrorism or some normal crime wave that ever took place in ANY western country before Merkel’s refugee crisis. If the refugees were not the issue, then why create flirting courses to show Islamic men how to get lucky with Germany girls without raping them?

The nightmare in Germany is becoming unbelievable. Speaking with friends in Germany, many with young children are terrified to send their children to school. Why? You have young Islamic men, pretending to be under-18, who look to be in their mid-20s, sitting in classes with young girls and towering over them. They speak nothing of the language but must attend school. One must wonder why any politician is putting their personal career before the safety of their own people. Make no mistake about this — it may be Merkel’s refugee crisis, but a score of other career politicians also refuse to admit what they have done.

The answer? No. They are trying to put any possible incident in the USA on TV to paint America as being more dangerous so the refugee crisis is seen as just a minor blip. They have even issued travel advisories against the USA in retaliation for the travel alert issued against Europe to warn American travelers to be careful when visiting this summer. Canada also issued a travel alert on Germany, as was the case in New Zealand. These travel alerts did not exist prior to Merkel’s refugee crisis. Now, the first attempt to assassinate a German Chancellor in a foreign country is the consequence of her refugee crisis impacting all of Europe.