Behind-the-Curtain – Why Syria Must Go – It is Gas this Time

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Way too much evidence is showing that it was the Saudis who have supplied the rebels with chemical weapons not Assad. So why are the Saudis intent upon getting rid of Assad? The Saudis are planning together with Qatar a pipeline, which will run from the Gulf to Turkey. This will result in the Russian Gazprom having competition for the important European market. Currently, Russia controls all Gas into Europe.

Qatar has supported Syrian Rebels with $3 billion as well. Why have the Saudis and Qatar teamed up against Syria? Because Assad is blocking the pipeline and that protects the European market for the Russians. So as long as there is Assad in Syria, this pipeline will not be built because Russia wants to prevent this competition absolutely.

Then there is the Russian efforts to unseat the dollar as the world reserve currency. As long as the Saudis are in control of the Middle East, the dollar will remain as the energy currency. Those in power fail to understand that the reserve currency status has nothing to do with energy. It is the depth of the dollar market that can absorb capital – not what currency you price oil in. Make it Swiss francs. What will happen you buy the Swiss to settle the trade but you cannot park trillions of dollars in the Swiss. Only the Sovereign Debt Crisis will alter the reserve status of the dollar.

Since the meeting between Putin and Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia, the Western pressure has increased steadily in the direction of a military strike against Syria. After the British Parliament rejected a military strike, the US is bullshitting the world because it will strike alone. The French president Francois Hollande is supporting this effort to see competition with Russia in gas. France is in its own economic crisis where the oil prices are not entirely controlled by a cartel. Hollande wants to get his hands on the gas to better tax and control the flow into France to eliminate any  ultimatums from Russia.

The Saudis assume that they can use the religious rebels to accomplish their goals but later control them so they do not gain power. That is a huge assumption. What if they are wrong?