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American Schools are Liberal Brainwashing Centers

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American schools are predominately liberal. I mentioned how the largest teachers’ unions in the country routinely donate millions of dollars to Democrats. They may not have money for school supplies, but they have the funds to support their favored candidate. It is not merely the public schools that are liberal, as this goes all the way up to the ivy league colleges. A Harvard poll recently found that 80% of the faculty identified as “liberal” or “very liberal.” Around 37% said they were “very liberal,” which marks an 8% increase from last year. On the contrary, only 1% identified as “conservative.” No one identified as “very conservative.”

Clearly, students are being presented with a left-leaning view of the world from elementary school to university. Last year, a North Korean defector by the name of Yeonmi Park compared her experience at Columbia University to her former life in perhaps one of the most censored nations in the world. Yeonmi Park stated that students in the US “choose to be brainwashed.” Yet, only one world perspective is pushed on American students beginning at the age of five. Tests and grades are based on students accepting their liberal teachers’ instructions as facts.NKPark 300x296

“They are dying to give their rights and power to government…they take it for granted. They don’t know how hard it is to be free,” Park stated. The teachers pass on their biased views to young children who grow up and often do not realize that they need to question everything they once believed was true. Now schools are pushing for Critical Race Theory (CRT), gender courses, and even going as far as to bring drag queens into elementary schools to read to the children.

The American school system is deliberately attempting to brainwash our children into believing that the woke ideology is factual. It is up to the parents to steer their children in the right direction. “The future of our country [the US] is as bleak as North Korea’s if we don’t rise up right now,” Park previously warned.