The End of Quantitative Easing – Perhaps Now It Will Be Inflationary?

One of the greatest monetary experiments in financial history has been the global central bank buying of government debt. This has been touted as a form of “money [...]

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Canadian v US Municipality Debt Crisis

Canada has a different legal structure compared to the United States. Canada is one of the most decentralized countries in the world where provinces are actually [...]

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BIG BANG ECM 2015.75

Rating Agencies Downgrade 24 Counties

The three main credit rating agencies have been downgrading government debt at an alarming rate, which confirms our computer models, albeit a tad late. The first [...]

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2015.75: The Start of Sovereign Debt Crisis

We warned that 2015.75 was the turning point to the start of BIG BANG. As we now have entered the down wave on the Economic Confidence Model, things will begin to [...]

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Our Nemesis – The Sovereign Debt Crisis

Nemesis & Justice in Pursuit QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, I wanted to thank you for the conference in Berlin. It was my first time attending. I cannot wait for the [...]

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The Solution – Debt & Taxes

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I was given your Solution DVD for Christmas by my son. I just began reading your blog for days. This has been an eye opening experience and [...]

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China to Stimulate by Cutting Taxes

China is demonstrating that it is more practical than anyone else in the industrialized world. They have announced that they will “reasonably” set [...]

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Austria — It Started the Collapse in Great Depression. Will It Do so Again?

In 1931, the sovereign debt crisis and banking system collapse began in Austria with the failure of Credit Anstalt, which was partly owned by the Rothschilds. The [...]

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Europe – Here we GO Again

The European economic crisis just keeps getting worse. The European Commission is now planning to pool all money for bank bailouts among nations. That means the [...]

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IMF Warns That We Have a New Crisis Coming

  QUESTION: Marty; You mentioned that you met with a board member of the IMF. It certainly seems you are having a much larger impact than you may realize. The [...]

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