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British MoD Allegedly Hacked by China on May 7

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World War III Ahead

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) announced on May 7 that they were targeted by hackers. The initial announcement did not state who was responsible, but Sky News reported that their sources claim China is to blame. There has been much news of heightened tensions with China around the May 7 target.

Did China hack the MoD or is this a false flag to justify building a military presence in the Indo-Pacific? China’s foreign ministry said it “firmly opposes and fights all forms of cyber attacks” and “rejects the use of this issue politically to smear other countries.”

Neocon and former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith said that Britain is hesitant to call out China by name. He has personally been on a media campaign trail to warn the world of China’s threat to global stability. As a sanctioned member of government, he is placing sole blame for the hacking incident on China. “The whole of Europe is massively dependent on China,” he stated in an interview with Sky News, saying that most purchased goods in the West are from China and that Western nations have become dependent on Chinese goods. “There is panic somehow that if we upset China, China will kill the business,” he said, later adding that the West would face no economic consequences if they went to war with China.

“I’m afraid China is winning is this war, and I’m not sure we acknowledge it is a war.” Smith stated that China is a threat and part of the Axis alliance of Iran, Russia, and North Korea, also blaming this Axis alliance for the war going on in Israel, which he believes was coordinated to give Russia “breathing room” so that the US could focus their aid efforts on Israel instead of Ukraine.

Why are these Axis powers against the West? Smith believes these powers are against “democracy and free speech,” a blatant lie and excuse to deem these nations our enemies. None of these nations sought out war with the West. They have always sought to exist independently and have attempted to open the door to trade negotiations over the years but have always been denied. The West is the aggressor this time around because they need war to solve their sovereign debt crisis.

China Holding US Treasuries 2010 2022

Chinese goods are not the issue in terms of trade, which is contradictory to what Smith has stated. China declining to purchase Western debt is the main issue here. The US, in particular, relied heavily on China to purchase their government debt, but China has already begun decreasing its purchasing ever since the US began to hone in on Taiwan and showed the world that it was not above economic warfare after throwing Russia off SWIFT and sanctioning individuals. You simply do not provide aid to your enemy and it would be foolish for China to continue buying US government debt.

Governments across the West have a massive debt crisis that has only deepened, heightened by the lack of interested buyers. They need World War III as an excuse to default, create a form of Bretton Woods II, and implement their own digital currency that may be centralized to the collective of the West and not one individual nation. The IMF already has its own digital currency in place, and all the globalists have stated that this idea of a one-world government is their proposed solution to world peace. It failed to work for prior civilizations like the Roman Empire, which saw countless civil wars.

It is quite interesting that heightened tensions with China became apparent on the May 7 Double Directional target. Countless stories of outright war with Russia unfolded precisely on this date as well, with Russia stating they are not at war with Ukraine but battling the Western forces and NATO. Germany even announced on the ECM date that they would be sending troops to Ukraine to fight directly against the Russians. China is next in line to become the sworn enemy of the West; the economic implications are massive.