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The Economic Decline of Europe With Rising Interest Rates?

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Via Veneto

I have returned from a two-week tour of Europe covering the UK, Germany, and Italy. Europe is in dire straights. I have stayed on the Via Veneto since my parents took me back in 1964/65. It was the 5th Avenues of Rome. The street was lined with sidewalk cafes. Out of probably 30, only three remained. There was once a restaurant that overlooked Trajan’s Forum that I ate with my parents back then. Ever since then, I have eaten dinner there for over 40 years. This time, it too was gone.

The damage that COVID unleashed by stupid politicians listening to people like Fauci and self-anointed experts at various universities in London, has undermined the European economy dramatically. Then throw in the nonsense of NET ZERO climate change and comingle that with the insanity of the American Neocons who blew up Nord Stream, imposed sanctions on Russia that have backfired on Europe. It is understandable why European political leaders are beating the war drums for they desperately need a distraction. War has historically been the best distraction from domestic civil unrest.  Otherwise, the people will storm their palaces and drag them out to the streets in old fashion revolutions for their sheer stupidity, belligerence, and incompetence.


All governments become arrogant and die by their own hand from domestic strife. Like Rome, the barbarians could only successfully invade when the politicians had weakened Rome’s economy. History repeats because humanity never learns. We see the West already deeply divided. This unprecedented attack on Donald Trump began from the very day that he announced he would run for President. They do not like outsiders. Politicians have been schooled in how to send people to war to die and never think twice about the children growing up without a parent. You must be dehumanized to be a head of state, no different from the head of a Pharmaceutical company that can sleep at night knowing some people will always die from a vaccine. Still, they focus on the majority – never the collateral damage.

Haraguchi Kazuhiro

Kazuhiro Haraguchi, the former Japanese Minister for Internal Affairs, has become the first major politician to apologize to the unvaccinated for the tsunami of deaths occurring among the vaccinated population. There has been a major protest, with serious numbers of Japanese citizens taking to the streets demanding action against the crimes against humanity perpetrated by globalist organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Economic Forum (WEF) during the pandemic. There is NO data available as to the long-term effects of MNRA vaccines.

Since people like Bill Gates proclaim that MNRA will bring the cost of vaccines down to $2 to maximize profits, they have successfully destroyed all the benefits of vaccines created over the past 200 years. This is playing into our computer projection for the population decline. Maderna is bragging how they have blended COVID-19 with the Flu Shot. This is just an instance, and governments are up for sale to the highest bidder.

China Holdings of US Debt


Usually, when you enter a recession, interest rates decline because people stop investing and begin to save for a future that is uncertain. However, our brilliant Neocons have been trying to create World War III and they have yet to win a single war they have launched since World War II. Threatening China over Taiwan may sound noble in the headlines and on CNN, but China has been the largest holder of US debt.

US debt to China Buy Bullets

China has been selling off US debt, which will result in higher long-term rates because there will be fewer buyers. The Europeans will take up some slack in fear of war in Europe for the THIRD TIME – which is usually the charm, as they say. It is now declining in CRASH MODE, and rightly so. You do not lend money to your enemy who wants to kill you.

China sold $53 billion during the first quarter of 2024 and continues to be a net seller. With Biden spending like a drunken sailor, governments default when involved in these Ponzi schemes and cannot sell new debt to pay off the old. China is in a 14-year decline, and rightly so. This means that the US Treasury will need to find other buyers for its debt, and in the process, rates will rise more than keep beating the war drums.


ECM Wave 2020 2028 Pi

The recession began in the USA and will be hardest felt in Europe. Today, Biden was forced to close the border. He was getting plummeted by fellow Democrats ahead of the election. The Sanction of Russia and Biden’s recent decree to cut off all energy from Russia will fulfill what our computer has forecasted: that we are looking at STAGFLATION, meaning economic growth declines. Still, inflation continues to rise due to shortages and the most brain-dead people in the White House, probably in US history.

Here are the timing arrays for the UK and the core of the European economy – Germany. We are in a declining mode into 2026, and waging war to retain power may look good on paper, but they will not be able to blame Putin for everything. It is down and dirty from here on out.

Germany GDP Y 6 4 24Britain UK GDP Y 6 4 24