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Christine Lagarde’s Approval Tanks Among own Staff

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Lagarde Judges

European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde’s approval rating is “poor,” at best, according to a union-run IPSO survey. Around 60% of European Central Bank staff members do not approve of Lagarde’s presidency, with 53.5% saying she is not the “right president for the ECB at the current juncture.”

The poll found that 59% of staffers do not trust their own organization, marking a drastic uptick from the 40% in last year’s survey. The main complaint seems to be that Lagard spends “too much time on topics unrelated to monetary policy” as Europe’s financial health is not a globalist’s top priority. Only 38.4% say they “agree” or “strongly agree” with her decisions as a leader. Staff stated that her “autocratic” leadership has created a “negative atmosphere” at the central bank.

Lagarde went into lawyer mode and accused the survey of being flawed. She double-downed on her disastrous work, stating, “I’m very proud and honored to lead the institution,” and dismissing all criticism. As I’ve said before, there are no mirrors in Brussels.

Troika Unelected1

Mario Draghi appointed her as ECB president in October 2019 and she took over a month later. Lagarde was a lawyer and former Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund with no real experience in economics, so of course that has never been her focus. Lagarde was part of the unelected Troika branch of the IMF that made decisions solely on the premise of creating a unified European government. Lagarde retained her position at the IMF because she pushed the socialist agenda that is robs the average person through taxation and regulation.

Lagarde seeks to expand tax enforcement on a global scale, ensuring there is no place to hide. On the fiscal side, she argues that governments need to be managed better but has no real suggestions on how to accomplish that goal aside from usurping more power. The ECB had stimulus measures in place for nearly a decade and cannot blame the pandemic or war for its failure.

When they were creating the euro, the Commission attended our 1998 London Conference — the same one when I warned that Russia was about to collapse. It was then when I had a discussion with them, warning that a single currency WOULD NOT produce the same interest rate for all. One central bank cannot impose a single interest rate any more than the Federal Reserve can control the interest rates all 50 states must pay to borrow money.

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The ECB has been doomed, and Lagarde is simply the face to mask the severity of the Sovereign Debt Crisis. The only option is for central banks to monetize the debt by buying it because there are no real-world buyers. That defeats the entire purpose of borrowing, which was supposed to be less inflationary. Then, they must raise taxes dramatically to prevent the system from collapsing.

This is an attempt to remain in power until they compel the people to rise up in revolution, as is always the case. Almost every revolution in history has begun with taxation.