The Euro Crisis & The Previous Debt

QUESTION: Hello Martin, I understand and agree to what you are saying in your post however I cannot understand what you mean when you say that: “Secondly, [...]

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Is it Time for Revolution in Greece?

The Greek government is calling for full disclosure of ALL household wealth. The Greeks are to disclose everything they own — cash worldwide, jewelry, real [...]

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Protest 5-9-2016

When Will Greece Elect a Real Government?

Protests broke out in Greece over the weekend in Athens and the northern city of Thessaloniki. The government is yielding to Brussels and has not figured out that [...]

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Local Food a Good Idea for Economic Freedom

  Sorry for the typo, this is an excellent idea for those who want to look at having a back-up for the future. But this idea should also be taken seriously in [...]

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Why the Euro Must Collapse; There Is No Prayer in Hell of Saving It

  On one hand, Yanis Varoufakis is a left-leaning economist, however, he also see the truth about debt and how Greece cannot possibly recover. For the most [...]

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Greek Rising Civil Unrest

Alexis Tsipras has to implement pension reform in order to get more loans from Brussels. He is betraying everything the Greek people voted for and is pushing Greece [...]

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The Greek Elections Will Not Make A Difference

Alexis Tsipras hailed a victory for his left-wing Syriza party after winning a second general election in less than 9 months. However, the many Greeks I have met [...]

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Greek Elections – Status Quo

I am here in Parliament Square in Athens for the elections. I have been talking to a lot of people and it is really fascinating. When I ask, “Why are you voting [...]

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Greeks Vote Again – Why Bother?

I am here in Athens for the elections this weekend. I must state, at this point in the game it appears to be Greek theater with Brussels pulling the strings and the [...]

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IMF Pulls Out of Bailout Loans for Greece

The Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) decided on Wednesday not to participate in the next credit-round for Greece. The Board denied new loans to [...]

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